The Truths Behind Tuckshops Revealed

Here’s peek into what your kids are eating from tuckshops, courtesy the Nestlé Tuck-shop Truths Study, conducted by Bateleur Brand Planning in June 2013.

The study on tuckshops

The study used a sample of 20 private primary schools in the Gauteng area, as well as online interviews with 652 mothers of children who attend either private or government primary schools. The results were rather frightening, and revealed a lack of knowledge or empowerment regarding what your child is buying at his or her school tuckshop.

Most of the respondents were full-time working mothers of two children, who have to be up, be ready for work and have their kids at school before 7.30am. According to Naazneen Khan, nutrition, health and wellness manager at Nestlé South Africa, while 76% of mothers manage to pack a lunchbox for their children, 80% of those mothers surveyed admitted to giving their children, on average, R10 to spend at the school tuckshop daily. The problem isn’t so much the children having access or money, but rather the unhealthy choices they have free rein in purchasing. Best-selling products:


64% Spaghetti Bolognese
36% Pizza
27% Macaroni, cheese, homemade pie, curry & rice

Dairy products

56% Hot chocolate
56% Frozen yoghurt
44% Ice cream


53% hot dogs
47% cheese sandwiches
47% chicken mayo sandwiches


75% chips
55% sweets
55% popcorn


75% fizzy drinks
55% iced tea
35% flavored water

Baked goods

55% toasted
50% garlic bread
40% bread pies