Work Music Is The Healthy Improvement You Need

Work music is fantastic for setting the mood and keeping you company while you get to the grind! However, not everyone will agree. For those who don’t, we can offer some proof behind the therapeutic and mental benefits of listening to music whilst you work. I love listening to music, especially when I write because I find that it helps me concentrate better and forget about the clutter of life.

I think that music choice is completely dependent on the kind of person you are. But, on the whole, I think anything with a happy and calm tune will do wonders for your work ethic. You should try it out, if you haven’t yet. Perhaps suggest it to your boss if the office is quiet. Sometimes the silence can become a little consuming and ‘loud.’

Some people might find work music more irritating than anything else. And then to others, like me, work music is a brilliant way to relax and distract the mind of chatter from colleagues and helps your brain focus on your work.

I don’t know about you, but when I can immerse myself fully, then I am able to work much quicker and more efficiently. Not that I mind silence or chatting, but it often distracts me, stresses me out or disturbs my concentration and then I lose track of the task at hand.

Many more people state that they thoroughly enjoy listening to music while they work. Even music streaming services, like Spotify, provide playlists created for different working environments, including offices.

Work Music And Its Amazing Benefits

If you already love music, then know you’re on the right track! Charles Darwin has always said that if he had to live all over again, he would read more poetry and listen to some music at least once every week. Even Albert Einstein said that if he wasn’t a physicist, he would probably be a musician. And then you get Jimi Hendrix, who called music his ‘religion.’

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Work music just makes sense! It all makes sense as to why some people have the ability to walk around and hum or sing tunes as they go. Recent research shows that listening to music improves our mental well-being and boosts our physical health in surprising and astonishing ways. Ever considered taking a music lesson? No? Well, maybe you should. Apparently, a music lesson or two could help raise your IQ and keep you sharp as you grow older.

In fact, there was a survey that examined more than 4,500 people, which discovered that 79% can boost their productivity by listening to music. According to music psychologist Dr Anneli Haake, who was involved in the research, says, this is partly because music can be a mental stimulant.  When people become stimulated by the work they are doing, their performance can increase. Pretty amazing since music can help make this stimulus happen!

Work Music Stimulates The Mind

There’s nothing better than feeling productive and finding it easy to immerse yourself in the work that needs to take place. I can’t stand it when every little thing seems to distract my focus and then I get very little done.

Music helps me to stop doing this.

According to studies, music has the unique ability to calm the body and relieve stress. It’s also an instant mood booster and makes you feel a lot happier in seconds. In return, your body feels so much more relaxed which leaves lots of space for learning and focusing on new things. Therefore, your intellectual ability, concentration, and memory will all improve drastically!

Having said that, we have to respect the spaces of others too. So, don’t go off now and blast your music right next to your colleagues. The point is to enjoy your music and work productively, quietly. You can always use earphones instead of speakers if you are situated in a quiet office. View the act of listening to music as a perk for encouraging positive happiness and wellbeing. It’s a very clever way to help you manage your work environment and minimise interruptions. In addition, it’s a really cost-effective way to relieve stress and promote self-care.

Work Music Creates Happiness

As I mentioned, playing your favorite tunes at work is a fantastic way to improve your mood. And almost instantly too. I mean, music will have this effect no matter where you listening to it. More than 50% of people examined in the survey said that music boosted their psychological wellbeing significantly.

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In addition, music has also shown to significantly reduce the stress-related hormone cortisol. Such a simple act of taking time to listen to relaxing music can help you recover from a psychologically stressful event or task. A 2016 study discovered that work music can also boost mood and wellbeing in older adults suffering from cognitive decline. Interestingly, the effects were almost the same as the benefits of meditation.

A Focused And Creative Brain

Research has found time and time again that listening to work music improves your focus and creativity. Plos One conducted a study that found that listening to upbeat music enhanced the creative and divergent thinking in its participants. Better yet, it also helped them develop more original ideas.

On the other hand, the study also learned that listening to music at work didn’t necessarily help them with problem-solving. Therefore, work music is fantastic for productivity and being creative, but you might want to turn it down slightly when trying to resolve underlying issues at the office.

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More importantly, the kind of music you’re listening to is very important and impacts on your thinking significantly. The survey found that the most popular genres are pop, chart, folk and indie followed by rock, grunge, and metal. Classical music was the least popular, even though the genre has been linked to better focus.

Music At The Office

I think we can all agree that there is a lot of truth behind the act of listening to music whilst you work. In fact, many offices are now catching on and introducing it into their work environments. They’re actually encouraging it amongst employees!

Some companies are even producing music that’s custom designed to be listened to while you work to improve your concentration. FocusAtWill,is an application that creates the so-called ‘streamlined music’ in order to alter brain activity towards a state that is more conducive to productivity. Just remember to be considerate of your colleagues, because if you’re into listening to music that’s a little ‘loud’ it could be very disturbing and have the opposite effect on others. We don’t want to encourage that!

Just be cautious of volume and the genre you play at work. As I said, earphones are great and it’d be worth it to invest in a pair. Especially if you’re in an open plan setup. Try not to hum, sing or tap your feet too much as well. As long as you follow these guidelines, you’re going to have an incredibly satisfying work environment and experience.

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