Lucid Dreaming: 7 Benefits To Enjoying This

Have you ever had a dream where you were inhibited and limited and acted in a way that you wouldn’t have acted in real life? This mostly describes every one of us at some point, because in a conventional dream, the dreamer is merely a spectator without control over what happens to them. However, may I inform you about a better way of dreaming? Lucid dreaming!

In short, lucid dreaming is a heightened state of self awareness with all the senses of the body fully active. Having a lucid dream is a surreal experience that comes with a lot of benefits.

1. Helps You to Overcome Fear and Phobias

Unlike the conventional dream, lucid dream gives you the capacity to control your dream. You determine your experiences and you can choose to confront your fears and engage in activities that you hitherto evoke fear in you. Through the act of lucid dreaming, you may be able to gather the confidence to confront those fears in real life situations.

2. Overcome Problems and Take Important Decisions

Lucid dream activates your mind in a unique way that helps you overtake problems and take important decisions. It heightens all the senses of the body which helps you put issues in proper perspective, before making an important decision. Any important decision you have to take can be played out in a lucid dream and experienced prior to your making a final decision on them in real life.

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3. Get Rid of Nightmares

Nightmares are a consequence of conventional dreaming. They are unpleasant dreams that evoke fear in people. One way through which you may counter nightmares is to engage in lucid dreaming. One major benefit of lucid dreaming is that it helps you to reduce the number of nightmares you have and you will be better equipped to deal with them when they occur. If you want to find out how to use music to address sleep deprivation, click on the link.

4. Helps You to Heal From Negative Experiences

Lucid dreaming is a form of coping mechanism because it offers you a reprieve from any terrible occurrence you might be faced with. Rather than resort to binge eating, alcoholism and other negative means of reacting to a terrible happening, lucid dreaming offers a perfectly healthy outlet to adjust to a negative experience. It helps you build your coping capacity so that you can easily adjust and move on with life.

5. Practice and Improve Real Life Skills

Lucid dreaming works with your mind and your senses. If you like to engage in a real life activity or skill, you can replicate them in your dream and improve on it. For instance, an introvert struggling to socialize with women, through lucid dreaming, you may be able to put your social skills to test, work on it and improve on it.

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6. Explore the Inner Creative Potential

Everyone is creative in some way. In fact, we are all a genius in some way but the creative potential in many have been hidden. At times in the quest to please others we have let go some of our own potential in order to conform. Lucid dream helps to unlock the mind and unearth some of these potentials hidden in us. Through lucid dreaming, you gain proper perspective of your capacities and what you are capable of.

7. Helps with Intimacy and Sex

Sexual pleasure is a desire of most people. At times we are limited by the cultures and norms of our societies so that we are forced to repress some of our sexual desires. The sexual fantasies of most people have been repressed and some may feel trapped as a result of their inability to sexually express themselves. However, through lucid dream, you can unleash these desires. Just as in real life sex, genital arousal can be achieved through sex in a lucid dream. This means that the sexual pleasure that can be experienced in a lucid dream is comparable to what obtains in real life situations.

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Connecting to Your Inner Self

Any activity that can be engaged that activates self awareness and the senses of the body, such activity holds the key to unlocking your inner self. Many people are leading lives and enacting personalities that are not really them. It is easy for human beings to be influenced and conform but the easiest way to happiness and fulfilment is staying true to who you really are. Through lucid dreaming, you tend to get in touch with your inner being and therefore improve on your overall quality of life. There is more to lucid dreaming that can be squeezed into a single article. However, please note that lucid dreaming is another way to master the mind.