How Elizabeth Hurley Stays Bikini Ready at 53

While this British beauty first hit our screens over 20 years ago, Elizabeth Hurley clearly hasn’t aged a single day. It’s no wonder that she‘s been a spokesperson for Estée Lauder companies for the past 22 years.

Hurley is an advocate for health and wellness and this is glaringly obvious by her Instagram posts, which show the 53 year-old actress with a bikini body that most beachgoers can only dream of. So what exactly does she do to maintain such an amazing, healthy physique?


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1. She only eats organic

When it comes to her eating habits, Hurley opts for the organic route, staying clear of processed and refined foods. She told The Cut magazine in 2017, “I like simple, natural, easy food. I don’t really like food with a lot of chemicals or additives.  I always try and eat food that’s grown locally. That goes for meats and vegetables. If I can grow it myself, I’m even happier”.

While organic is a term that’s often loosely thrown around in health circles, organic food can protect your health. Firstly, organic foods are free of pesticides, which can be toxic to human health. Pesticides can affect neurological health, increasing the risk for memory loss, reduced motor skill as well as uncontrollable mood and general behavior. Studies have also linked pesticide exposure to cancer, hormonal disruptions as well as fetal development issues.

2. She enjoys a good breakfast

Aside from an organic diet, Elizabeth makes sure to stay hydrated. She does this by drinking two mugs of warm water first thing in the morning, mixed with a bit of apple cider vinegar, which helps to speed up her metabolism.

With regards to breakfast, her meal of choice is often a bowl of Greek yoghurt, a banana, and a little bit of honey.  The yogurt is rich in probiotics which we know are not only important for gut health, but overall health as well plus the addition of the banana and honey provides a nutritional boost.

3. She keeps fit

While she hardly steps foot into the gym, Hurley does her best to keep fit in the comfort of her own home telling The Cut magazine, “I don’t do any regulated exercise, but I’m very active”.

She takes every opportunity available to to exercise, even if that means doing squatting reps whilst brushing her teeth in the morning, telling Women’s Health that the squats help with her lower back problems. Squats can also help to strengthen your core and tone your glutes and legs.

She does occasionally do yoga and Pilates but she prefers daily stretching and long weekend hikes with her two dogs. This is definitely an underrated form of exercise, since hiking has a lot of fitness benefits. It burns calories, lowers blood pressure, improves balance and strengthen legs and glutes. It also allows you to connect with nature. Exercising with your dogs can be mentally stimulating for them and it also strengthens the bond you have with your pet.

4. She stays emotionally healthy


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Hurley acknowledges the importance of diet and exercise, but she also prioritizes her mental wellness. She tells The Cut magazine, “We all get hard knocks in life, but it’s important to stay positive and stay engaged, and not be angry. Anger doesn’t seem to go hand in hand with wellness.”

So how does she maintain her emotional health? “I find watching the news and talking to my friends keeps me healthy emotionally, because you realize that there are really terrible things happening sometimes and it makes you feel grateful for what you have. There are many ways to appreciate what you’ve got.

The Hurley approach to health and fitness is quite easy and it can be adopted by anyone. By doing so, you won’t only secure your emotional health and wellness but you’ll also stay bikini ready, all year round.

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