Jealous? Take A Step Back

Jealousy is frowned up on in any relationship and can lead to huge rifts between two people who once loved each other very dearly.

Dr Helen Fischer, an expert in relationship dynamics, explains that we need to be careful not to let our own insecurities come between ourselves and the one we love.

Step Back

jealous | Longevity LIVEWhile there is no doubt that jealousy comes very naturally, she says we need to step back and reassess the situation when the green monster raises its ugly head. You need to ask yourself if you are being unfair about your concerns.

Think about how you would react if your partner had the same concerns. By stepping back, thinking rationally and understanding the situation better, you will ensure that you do not fly off the handle and ruin your relationship.

Trust plays a big role in a relationship and a lack thereof will lead to suspicion and jealousy, even when it is uncalled for, Fischer says. Communication is important between two people, voicing your concerns and understanding why you feel the way you do.

This will ensure you are able to deal with the jealousy and your partner will be able to help to put your mind at ease

Jealous | Longevity LIVE

Helen Fisher, PhD Biological Anthropologist is a member of the Center for Human Evolutionary Studies in the Department of Anthropology, Rutgers University and Chief Scientific Advisor to the Internet dating site

She has conducted extensive research and written five books on the evolution and future of human sex, love, marriage, gender differences in the brain and how your personality type shapes who you are and who you love.

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