Monday Blues Can Be Beaten With These 5 Hacks

Perhaps the associations we have about Mondays in general ruin how we start our week. All it really means is that you have to change your mindset a bit. Instead of it being a blue Monday, why can’t it be a happy one? You’re the boss of your own life, after all.

Monday Blues Shouldn’t Stop You

Today I will be sharing five productivity hacks with you that will help you start the week on a better foot. These are some of the techniques that I personally use and they’ve helped a lot.

If you’re somebody who enjoys fooling around a little bit on the weekends or taking holidays frequently, then, wrapping your head around starting work again can be exceptionally difficult and downright depressing. I know I enjoy my free time when I manage to get it. The annoying part is when you have a set intention to wake up earlier and be a little more positive about the week. But then, Monday blues strikes and you’re too tempted to roll over and fall back asleep,Monday [longevity live]

And when you do manage to rise you finally get to your workstation, wherever that may be and find yourself in a complete mental state or creative block. That’s because you’re too busy worrying about how the weekend has come to an end. This is especially difficult if you’re running your own business and the fact that you’re responsible for it starts to daunt on you.

The trick is to snap out of this state and get straight to business. There are small changes that you can make to improve your productivity level and mental state on a Monday. To all the entrepreneurs out there, it does take a lot more discipline and creativity to motivate yourself. However, these steps are very helpful and will improve your struggle with motivation, productivity and mindset on a Monday morning.

Hack Your Monday Blues

1. Wake Up And Get Into Action

Okay, let’s face it, nobody wants to get out of their comfy beds, especially when its a bit cold! But you knew this was coming, and once you’re up you are not nearly as tired as you may have thought you were. The problem is that the world has created a terrible perception of Mondays. We should wake up excited about the new week and all the new opportunities that are available! It’s a really great opportunity for you to start fresh and redo some things you didn’t feel satisfied with the week before. A refresh. A restart. Every Monday is a chance for you to rejuvenate your mind, body and soul.

I am not going to lie. You are probably already aware of this and know that you should think better of Mondays. Sometimes the thought that you now need to reset is tiring alone.Monday [longevity live]

However, getting an earlier start really DOES help with this! Studies have proved it. And no, you don’t need to wake up at 4 am. Rather pick a time that you can handle, whether it be at 5 am or 6 am it is up to you. More importantly, when you hear the alarm go off in the morning, do not press snooze! Just get up.

The sleepiness dissipates very quickly and you are able to begin your day with less pressure or rush. Then, when you have woken up make sure you establish a routine that makes you feel good. Do it for you. I personally like to start my day by preparing some fresh, warm lemon water, a shot of apple cider vinegar and then a cup of black coffee. I’ll then turn on the stove to prepare some breakfast (usually oats or eggs) and then tuck into a comforting meal. I’ll then go and wash my face, brush my teeth, make my bed and get a workout in.

During my workout cool down, I’ll stretch and take a few minutes to reflect and think about my intention for the day. This allows me to wake up with energy and a positive mindset to power through the day. It’s also helpful to take some time to just sit with your tea or coffee and relax!

2. What’s Your Incentive?

This may happen in different forms for different folks. The point is to give yourself a treat or something that is going to keep you on top of things throughout the day. If you enjoy a comforting, bowl of warm oats in the morning, then prepare it the night before. If you like having a long, relaxing bath in the morning, then take 10 to 15 minutes to get do this. The point of having an incentive for Monday mornings is it allows you to associate positive feelings with your Monday routine.

These incentives will put you into a good mood and will trickle over into your workday. Time also goes by a lot quicker with a lot less effort. That is why it is crucial to give yourself the desired time you require each morning to get yourself into a positive zone. Do not pressure yourself into jumping straight into the grind before you have given yourself the time of day.Monday [longevity live]

3. Play Your Favorite Music

Even if you don’t work for yourself, put some earphones in and listen to some good music. I believe that music has a huge effect on our psychology,  moods and emotions. It’s a form of therapy and can get rid of your Monday blues almost entirely. It gives you the kick you need to get back into action and start ticking off those to-do list tasks!

However, be sure to choose uplifting music that’s going to calm and soothe your soul and clear your mind. It helps to scroll through Spotify and pick a relaxing playlist or one that fits the mood if you’re struggling to think of music. Now watch how your mood changes instantly and as does your productivity levels. Just don’t play the music too loud so that it becomes a distraction.

4. Just Like A Workout, Use Intervals

I used to be guilty of doing the whole work solidly and get as much done in a day as possible. All this would do is exhaust me and make me feel stiff physically and mentally frustrated. However, if you change things up and set a timer, like 30 minutes at a time per task. You’ll notice significant improvements in your productivity levels.  In those 30 minute intervals, you can get more done by completely blocking out any other distractions (like YouTube, television, cell phone, family/friends, and emails).

Then, when your timer goes off take a few moments to stand up, stretch and get some tea. You can then, reset the timer and continue with your task. Once you have done a few intervals, take about 10 – 15 minutes to eat a snack, hydrate and stretch. This way you’re giving your mind and your body time to recuperate in order to function properly when you return to your work instead of doing it all at once.Monday [longevity live]

You’ll probably discover that your working speed will increase too. Taking breaks also helps me to refresh, move, and not think so much for a bit. The ‘brain break’ in between completing tasks is especially beneficial to anyone who is a heavy thinker with an analytical mind. Who needs that? Monday blues are enough!

5. Turn Off Distractions

Whether or not you work from an office or home, keep focused on the task at hand. If you really want to be productive, don’t engage in anything that can cause a distraction. This includes your television, your cell phone, your emails and anybody or anything that wants your attention.

The key is to fully immerse yourself in a quiet space that allows for progress. When it’s quiet and you’re focused on one thing, you’re fully investing in whatever task you’re doing.

Therefore, if you struggle to beat the Monday blues then give these tips a try. Most times the slightest lifestyle tweaks have the biggest impact on your daily psychology,

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Monday Blues Can Be Beaten With These 5 Hacks