Sex Under The Mistletoe Doesn’t Have To Be A Fantasy

Sex is an integral part of any long or short-term relationship. Somehow during the festive season, everything seems to take top priority over the time you spend between the sheets with your partner. Amidst preparation, office parties and family time it becomes too easy to put your sex life on hold. This is just wrong! You shouldn’t be put off.  One should never let the festivities stop you from getting your sexy on.
If you are experiencing this then you’re in luck, I’ve got tips to share with you that will put your sex life at the top your Christmas list. I suppose this is a situation that can go both ways. Either you can’t get enough this time of year or you’re far too busy. That’s why sex can sometimes feel like a distant fantasy during these times. Having said that, statistics have shown that there is a higher rate of conception during Christmas season. I think this issue applies mostly to the couples that have been together for a long time. However, it definitely depends on who you are and your relationship dynamics. For many, the festive season is the time to soak up each other’s company. Whereas to others, Christmas is inundated with reasons to let the romance slide. 

Sex Should Be At The Top Of Your Wish List

In my case, the holiday season is generally spent with family and parents. No offence to the relatives, but sometimes it can get a little consuming and claustrophobic trying to please everybody. And when this happens you and your partner can both get a bit distracted or stressed out. Or, you and your partner might be stuck sleeping on a couch or squashed up with your child in one bedroom, which leaves little room for romance. We get it. Although the reunion is fun and exciting, it can easily stress you both [longevity live]

But, what impact will push sex aside have? Should you have to suck it up and save it for the new year? No. Definitely not. In fact, getting it on with your lover is scientifically proven to be the best way to rid stress and burn off those indulgent calories.

The issue is how you keep it all up. Fortunately, I have got some helpful tips for you!

Keep Your Sex Life Relaxed

When your sex life drops it can add an added stress on your relationship and in turn strain your bond entirely. Now, we don’t want that. And studies have found the festive season truly knocks many relationships hard! They discovered that the lead-up to the Christmas holidays is a peak time for relationship breakups, and post-Christmas also sees an escalation in divorce rates.

This is just sad. Sex might not be the solution to fixing serious relationship issues but it does have a crucial role in long-term satisfaction and happiness. Interestingly, couples who engage in sex once per week are a whole lot happier than those who don’ [longevity live]

Not is it a little claustrophobic being on top of your family, it also leaves very little privacy. This is problematic since we all appreciate our privacyResearch states that almost three-quarters of us don’t find the thought of having sex where someone can catch us in the act appealing. Moreover, about two-thirds feel the same way about being overheard.

I would recommend keeping a level head and trying to keep each other relaxed about the situation. Otherwise, you will try too hard and feel stressed out. And of course, there are some major health benefits to having regular sex. These include improved sleep, increased lifespan, and a boost to your brain power. Ho ho ho!

More importantly, you need to make it number one on your Christmas wish list. If you both try, then it will happen. Better yet, try to get it on somewhere different like next to the Christmas tree. These are simply ideas, but the truth is you’ll need the calorie burn in any case.

The Best Way To Release Tension

All of us are guilty of leaving a few festive arrangements to the last-minute. This can really cause stress levels to skyrocket. So, if you were thinking about pausing your sexy time, you might want to reconsider. Sex is the best kind of stress reliever out there. Studies show that stress-related blood pressure is one heck of a lot lower in people who recently had sex which implies that the ‘love’ hormone oxytocin might be behind this phenomenon.

But, why does this happen? Oxytocin reduces the production of the corticotropin-releasing factor gene, which regulates the stress response in the brain.

So, I think you’ve got the point. Sex pretty much solves everything and should never be tossed aside. But we get that it can become tricky, so here is what you need to do.

1. Set Aside Time Dedicated To Only You Two

In a recent survey, there were a few sexual behaviors that people prefer over others. The results showed that 87.8 percent of us find cuddling most appealing or somewhat appealing. In addition, 72.6 percent of us felt the same about watching a romantic [longevity live]

There’s an idea right there! Why don’t you cuddle up on the couch with a romantic Christmas movie? You never know! Everybody else might catch onto the vibes and leave you alone for some intimate time.

2. Seize The Moment

Sometimes these opportunities come far and few between. When you’ve got the chance – go for it without hesitation, You’ve got to act fast though. No room for doubts.

The exact study found that 77.4 percent of us think that having sex in another part of the house, rather than the bedroom, is appealing. So, if you get the chance to be in the house alone, make the most of it.  And if that’s not an option, try booking a night in a bed and breakfast. And guess what? Sex in a hotel room has been rated as highly appealing by nearly 80 percent of people.

Or perhaps, book a couple’s massage.

3. Talk Dirty

A pressing topic this year has been on the importance of talking about your sexual fantasies with your partner.

There is heaps of evidence to suggest that our interest in sex can decrease over the years spent with your partner. This is particularly the case for women, especially with the onset of [longevity live]

Therefore, it really helps to talk with your partner about your desires, expectations, or problems. Remember, they cannot read your mind and might not be aware of certain things that are making you feel uneasy. Whether you’re experiencing pain during sex or are just too tired, it means that you are less likely to lose interest in sex.

All in all, I’d say that communication is the most important factor. You could even try to talk about your concerns or desires before the festive season rush hits.

And don’t underestimate the power of putting on some sexy lingerie ladies and gents, or looking good for your partner. Even giving your partner little bits of affection here and there and a kiss on the lips could trigger a whole lot of desires.

You might be surprised; this is a time that could actually bring you and your partner closer together.

Want to know more?

Do not use this period as an opportunity to make bad food choices and ignore your exercise routines.  In fact, this is a great time of the year to get active by doing fun activities such as taking walks, playing with your children in the garden or even exploring your holiday destination on foot.