How to Keep Motivation When You’re Losing Focus

Motivation is believed to be a widespread and modern theme. The term comes from the Latin word “move”, which means moving. There are different interpretations and theories regarding motivation, which lead to this inner feeling being defined in different ways. Each theory of motivation tried to make its contribution to the study of human behaviour and in a special way to explain the personal development of both men and women in different situations.

According to Merriam Webster motivation is a motivating force, influence or stimulus. In addition to this definition, we can say that motivation is a force that acts within a person, causes excitement, direction, and a voluntary effort to achieve a certain goal. The principal aim of this inner driving force is the study of why and how human behavior is active.

Motivation has two concepts – internal motivation consisting of enjoying the task itself and external motivation consisting of rewards in different forms. Considering everything that has been said before, quite justifiably we can say that the structure of motivation consists of needs, movements, and rewards.

After this mini-lesson about motivation, the next question follows. How to stay motivated and fight negative thoughts and the lack of self-confidence? Staying motivated in situations where the focus is lost is not an easy task at all. Luckily, a few simple and easy tactics can bring back your inner appetite for achieving your goals.

1. Turn on some music

You must have noticed that before sporting events, some athletes listen to music on their headphones. Scientists say that music is a great way to prepare athletes for the “fight” on the sports field. Depending on the nature of the music, different types of music encourage different feelings. Ambient music can induce a sense of peace and increased motivation.

It is no wonder that a large number of applications including JinglowHeadspace or Buddhify offer sounds that awaken motivation.

It’s no secret that music affects our psychological state, affects our purchasing habits, and even makes us feel powerful and confident. The relationship between music and motivation lies in dopamine that affects emotional regulation, rewards, and satisfaction. When you hear a song that causes you positive feelings and reactions, dopamine is released and we feel more excited, happier and motivated.

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2. Practice Mindfulness

The focus and mindfulness are two different terms. But without a doubt mindfulness contributes to increased focus and attention. Meditation is a great way to get out of your loud everyday life and to develop inner peace by focusing on the present and yourself.

By deepening the focus, you restore your strength and faith in what you want to achieve. Then, motivation is the strongest driving force that guides you towards fulfilling your goals.

3. Focus on one thing at a time

A large number of obligations sometimes forces us to try and do more things at once. When you set a huge number of priorities, it’s the same as if you did not set a single priority. Your mind will be burdened and it is very likely that you will begin to panic.

People can hardly do multiple things at once, therefore, we tend to focus on everything we cannot do and miss out on creative solutions that can help us reach our goal.

For a better organization and a sharp focus that will lead to your aspiration, you need to orientate yourself to just one thing that matters to you the most. The motivation will flow from here by itself, leading you to different ways of thinking and keeping the internal impulse to circulate in you.

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4. Eliminate Distraction

Eliminating factors that distract you is easier said than done. It is scientifically proven that our brain can store only a certain number of information per day. At a moment of overheating, our brain loses concentration by which attention begins to slowly fall.

Instead of completely cutting down the factors that take away your attention, such as switching off your phone, you can make spending time on social media and chatting with friends a reward for the hard work you’ve done. The award itself is a motivation that will keep your attention at the highest intensity, allowing the brain to store new information.

5. Think about where you get motivation from

According to Dr. Steven Reiss psychology and psychiatry Professor at the Ohio State University, the essence of motivation lies in answering a few simple questions like “What makes me happy?”, and “What makes another person happy?”

According to him, happiness is not found in the constant enjoyment or avoidance of pain, but in the sense that we are living with a purpose.

After a detailed research involving more than 6,000 people, Reiss defined 16 universal needs that will lead to a more significant level of motivation and give more purposefulness, which will then increase complacency and joy.

Among his list of basic desires, he lists the need for acceptance, curiosity, food, and family as part of the necessities that make people happy and a lot more motivated.