4 Easy Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Fitness

Many of us want the most out our time when it comes to training and nutrition. This is why gaining a slight edge over what you may have currently been doing is so valuable! In this article I will discuss 4 easy tips to improve your fitness lifestyle.

Tip #1 Fitness is a lifestyle

exercise | Longevity Live Fitness is a lifestyle, and as we all know any lifestyle requires a certain upkeep. The main take away point in applying a successful fitness lifestyle is ensuring that you can maintain it over time. When it comes to training use a workload that you can consistently meet each week without excessive strain and fatigue. When applying a particular diet keep your unique energy demands, food preferences and meal enjoyment as priorities. This will aid in adhering to a program plan long term.

Tip #2 Auto-regulation

A great deal of people nowadays do not listen to their bodily signals and often override them. This is a mistake; the body does not respond in a linear fashion and should not be treated like a machine. Instead pay close attention to how your mood, energy, focus and how your physical body feels. Reflecting on these will enable you to make an informed call as whether to push your limits or to back off.

One can avoid strains, sprains and injuries which ultimately becomes down time. Fitness is long term, the longer you are able to train and eat well the better you will become. It’s not a race, so set the appropriate pace for yourself.

Tip #3 The 80/20 rule

The Pareto rule basically suggests that 80% of the outcomes is yielded by 20% of the efforts. Fitness is one thing and can take a good few hours of your day to sustain, but living is a full-time thing. The idea is not to let the fitness lifestyle become all consuming, for one it’s unhealthy and you actually don’t need to do everything perfectly.

One only needs to do the things that have the largest impact. When training, choose exercises that cause the greatest stimulation for desired adaptations. Be human when it comes to nutrition, meaning that you need only follow your nutrition plan about 80% of the time.

exercise | Longevity Live

Tip #4 Enjoyment

Probably the most important aspect of being successful in your fitness pursuits. If you don’t enjoy something, you will most likely discontinue it at some point. Enjoyment in this context takes on a different spin, as living the fitness lifestyle is challenging but equally rewarding. Take the time to clarify for yourself the reasons for why you want to train and eat healthy.

Also make the fitness lifestyle your own by enriching it with exercises and nutritional approaches that you find effective and in line with your personal preferences. Avoid stagnation by trying something new every once in a while.

Fitness is an experience. Make it your own!

One more tip: find yourself a training buddy. Follow the link to read more training advice from personal trainer Tyrone Wessels.


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