5 Foods that Fight Insomnia

Insomnia is on the rise in this era, especially among our generation. If we have to describe insomnia in the most basic words, it is the habitual sleeplessness. You are either not able to sleep or you fail to stay asleep. The consequences of this condition are appalling. You get restless and anxious. Even though your mind is exhausted and saturated, it still does not go to sleep so you get fidgety and your mind becomes blurry. This affects your routine tasks and if it is prevalent in your life, there is always an uneasiness at the back of your mind.

Since insomnia is clearly a concerning dilemma in our society, there are various medical treatments available for the purpose. Insomnia is being reduced by medicines, therapies, soothing products, etc. However, sometimes, you do not respond to these methods or the help is unavailable for you. In this case, there are other ways to help you combat it. Even if medication is working, in order to augment the results of it, you can eat healthy foods and diet. Research has shown that there are certain foods that actually help you against insomnia. Let’s take a look at what are those foods.

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An amino acid, tryptophan is responsible for releasing serotonin which is one of the relaxing hormones and aids in sleeping. Its purpose is to aid in setting the sleeping patterns right. Not only is there tryptophan in hummus, there are carbohydrates and fibre present in chickpeas as well. Carbs help you go to sleep and are responsible for a healthy contribution in your diet as well. Moreover, fibre is a significant component of our diet. Also, it helps in easy sleep. All of these facts tell us how important hummus is when we talk about its nutritional value and contribution in helping you with sleep. You can use hummus in many ways as you like. It can be applied on your favourite kind of bread, added in soups or eaten as you like. Its advantages will remain the same.


Fruits are a rich source of nutrients for our body. They are responsible for facilitating and stimulating various beneficial body reactions. However, there are some specific fruits that help our bodies in very particular ways. Kiwis are one of those. They have some phytochemicals that induce sleep in us. It is advised to have them before going to bed. It is comprised of antioxidants and it has been established that sleep is disturbed due to low levels of antioxidants. Therefore, kiwis are very effective in promoting sleep. You can eat it right away after peeling, make fruit salads with it or have them with tea.


Corn is loaded with carbohydrates. Carbohydrates are an important component of our food that also help us sleep well. However, you need to know that not every kind of carbohydrate is beneficial for you. For example, if you eat candy and think that you will have a good night’s sleep, you are very amiss here. The sugar level in candies is capable of upsetting your blood sugar levels which leads to the interruption of your sleep. You might sleep well immediately after eating them but after some time, you will wake up irritable. Corn is a healthy carb you should incorporate in your diet. You can boil it, add it in soup, make salad with it or just add it as filling in your food. It is a treatment with good taste.  

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Basil looks like a small herb but is largely advantageous for our body. Its leaves are rich in characteristics that are responsible for correcting indigestion. More often than not, our sleep schedule is messed up because of ineffective digestive system. So, both of our problems will be addressed by using basil. Also, it is claimed that basil fights depression and insomnia is often a by-product of depression. Hence, it targets the elimination of root cause of insomnia. You can use basil leaves or its essential oil and make it a habit to have it as much as you can in your food.


No matter how old you get, drinking a glass of milk before going to bed is always going to facilitate your sleeping habits. Warm milk has a soothing effect on your body and it calms your mind. Also, again, it has the amino acid of tryptophan which is a contributing factor in causing relief and relaxation to us. The calcium present in the milk regulates the levels of melatonin in our body which is a sleep-inducing factor.  

Stay Back on Caffeine

Caffeine is present in our daily tea and coffee intakes. They activate your brain and make sleeping more difficult for it. So, make sure you do not drink tea or coffee or caffeinated chocolates any time before bed. This is only going to irritate you.

Eat at the Right Time

It is said that you should eat an hour before bed. If you eat right before sleeping, your blood sugar level will be too high to let you sleep. Similarly, if you eat long before going to bed, the sugar level in your blood will be too low and you will not be able to sleep. Thus, eat right at the right time. Moreover, use slicer to make thin slices of the food you gonna eat, so it would digest easily even while you sleeping

Now when you have started using the above mentioned foods, you will start noticing visible changes. Not only will you be working towards that hourglass body figure but also to a healthier lifestyle. Insomnia is a very serious and growing concern but you must not lose hope and should try to combat it in every possible way. These steps will give you a sense of achievement and productivity because you will be working to better your situation.