7 of the Biggest Shoe Trends of 2019

We’re four months into 2019 now and the spring and summer fashion collections are already hitting the stores.  From sequins to tie-dye, there’s definitely some bold and bright designs on offer this year!  When it comes to shoes, the designers haven’t been anymore muted.  We have some outrageous styles on offer this season, but plenty of comfortable and practical options as well.  So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the biggest shoe trends for 2019.

2019 Shoe Trends


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Yes, we said feathers.  Although not practical for wearing in anything but the sunniest of weather, lots of the shoe designs this year will feature this avian addition.  Feathered flats and heels dominated the spring/summer runway shows of Simone Rocha, Prabal Gurung, and Valentino, and in many cases, they stole the spotlight from the outfits that were being showcased.  Some designers opted to add feathers to the heels of the footwear, while others incorporated them into the straps of sandals.  We have to say that despite sounding a little strange, these designs all look amazing, and we can’t wait to see what the high street equivalent of the runway looks like.


Did you ever have one of those vintage jewelry boxes when you were a kid?  You know the ones we’re talking about, the ones with intricate patterns on the outside that felt like they were made from fabric.  Well, this spring and summer, you can expect similar designs on your shoes.  Michael Kors had some absolutely beautiful embroidered shoes on his runways for spring and summer 2019, with his pink wedges stirring up a lot of interest both in the media and the fashion community.  The designs this season will marry detailed artwork in fashion for a unique look.  They’re a definite must buy!

Sculptured Heels

Another shoe trend that’s a lot artier than we’re used to seeing is the sculptured heel.  Available in numerous geometric shapes, many of these shoes will have you staring, wondering how on earth the wearer can manage to remain upright while wearing them!  We’ve been assured that they’re completely safe, but they definitely look like something out of a Picasso painting rather than something we’re used to seeing on the catwalks.  For those who like to envelop a sense of drama and creativity in their outfits, sculptured heels will be a must-have item.  Pair them with a pair of jeans or cuffed trousers to really draw attention.

Bright Sneakers

Sneakers have become a firm favorite in runway collections over the years, with many fashion houses embracing the athleisure trend and making funky sneakers that are as fashionable as they are functional.  The Balenciaga sneakers you can find on SSENSE are a good example of this season’s trends; bright and bold, they can be matched with plenty of different outfits to create an exciting look that will be the envy of anyone you come into contact with.  Escada is another brand to watch out for this season – especially if you want to match your shoes with tie-dye for the ultimate color clash!

Nautical Vibes

Some leading fashion houses have opted to embody the nautical theme of their runway looks for spring and summer 2019, and this is also included in their shoes.  Many of this year’s designs feature a nautical look, with gorgeous white and navy sandals tied together using rope for the straps.  The second you see them you’ll be wanting to book a vacation to the Florida Keys or the French Riviera.  Pair them with a gorgeous flowy skirt or a maxi dress for the ultimate in effortless style.


Another trend that we saw a lot on the catwalks this year was buckles.  These help to add an edge to traditionally feminine footwear like sandals and stilettos and were seen on the runways of Sies Marjan and Alexander McQueen.  Some of the designs we’ll see this year will encompass a single buckle strap, while others contain multiple buckles and help to take the shoe to the next level entirely – a word of warning: if you choose these, give yourself slightly longer to get ready in the morning!


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Although we may have lost most of the pastels on the runways this season in favor of bright bold colors, one that has stuck around is sea foam green.  This color was seen on plenty of catwalks including Vivienne Hu, Tibi, and Caroline Herrera and could be seen on heels, pull on slips, sneakers, and stilettos.  When paired with a white dress or skirt, Seafoam Green looks especially dazzling and is a firm favorite for many this season.

Which of this season’s shoe trends are you planning to invest in?  With so many great options, it’s going to be a tough decision!

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