Sick of Kids Having All The Fun? Me Too. Let’s Go To An Adult Play Park.

One of the biggest fitness trends of 2017 are adult play parks. And yes they are exactly what they sound like – an excuse for adults to release their inner child at the park and pretend to be grown while up doing it (Personally, I’m not so concerned with looking grown up, but it makes my boyfriend happier when I stay away from the swings).

gymThese little beauties have been popping up all over Joburg and they are absolutely free to use. This is great news, because I need a safe place to release my inner ten-year-old. Plus, exercising outdoors has been shown to reap greater health benefits, including higher endorphin levels and greater vitamin D exposure (and a gym membership can burn a hole in your pocket).

Just another reason that being a kid was better. Free, healthy, fun exercise that you actually wanted to do.

Until now, when a bunch of smart people thought ‘hey, why are we letting kids have all the fun? We’re the adults – we make the rules.’ And bam – they took back the power.

Blake Dismore, the owner of Optimal Fitness and Lifestyle, shares, “Adult play parks are great because they are free and easily accessible to everyone and a great reason to get outside and enjoy being outdoors. You also get the benefits of exposure to vitamin D, fresh oxygen and healthy and safe workouts on machines. One of my favourite aspects is that it brings people back to visiting the park or public recreation area and has the social aspect of meeting new people with a common interest.”

The play parks cater for strength and aerobic training and even allow you to work on your balance (which would be great if I had any to start off with).

They are also often set in a scenic environment – perfect for throwing on a pair of running shoes and ten times better than an indoor treadmill (what are we hamsters?)

Repeat after me ‘the kids don’t own the outdoors’.  Good, now don’t forget who’s boss.

Where’s that Joburg Skepticism that I am so fond of? There it is.

Now, I know that being a born and bred Joburger you are starting to raise your eyebrow skeptically. “Adult play parks sound like my happy place, but we live in Joburg and there isn’t anything safe about that.” Well I am glad you raised your concern, because the best part is that safety really isn’t an issue. Most of the play parks are situated in secure residential areas where there are either plenty of people around, or private 24/7 security.

As you know, in Joburg, it is always advisable to take a friend, but if you are going at a peak time you may not even have to do that. I advise that you scope out the area before hand and put the necessary safety precautions in place. However, I’ve personally never had trouble.

So there you have it Joburg, step away from the adulting and let loose a little. Go on, I know you want to.

Find an adult play park near you:

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