Good Lifestyle Habits To Keep Your Bones Healthy

Practicing healthy lifestyle habits is the best way to maintain your bones. Bone health is crucial for maintaining body functionality. As we age, our bone mass, or density, decreases. As a result, the bones lose calcium and other minerals and become brittle, resulting in breaks and fractures.

Exercise for bone health exercise and training

Dr Stanley Lipschitz, a geriatric medicine specialist, suggests weight-bearing exercise, moderate running, walking, skipping and similar activities to protect your bones. If you are premenopausal, he recommends weight-bearing exercises for 30 minutes most days of the week, and muscle-strengthening exercises two to three times a week.

However, as you get older, a specialist should individualize your exercise plan, with an increased focus on strengthening lower limbs and balance, to reduce the risk of falls. Lipschitz adds that balance, posture and functional exercises can be practiced daily. “If you have fallen or lose your balance, spend time doing balance exercises. If you are getting rounded shoulders, work more on posture exercises. If you have trouble climbing stairs or getting up from the couch, do more functional exercises.”

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The 3 worst foods for bone health

If you want to protect your bones, you should cut down on the following foods:

  1. Cured meats: These are often preserved or colour/flavor-enhanced with sodium nitrite, which can damage your bones.
  2. Processed sugars: The most common forms of both brown and white sugar are bleached with sulphur dioxide and phosphoric acid. This can result in tissue acidification, poor vitamin C distribution, copper deficiency, and poor calcium and magnesium absorption.
  3. Bleached flour: The bleaching process introduces troublesome chemicals such as chlorine dioxide, benzoyl peroxide and alloxan.

You can ensure bone health well into your later years by eating a healthy, balanced diet and engaging in regular, moderate exercise. In doing so, remember that it is important to warm up properly before engaging in exercise, and that this is especially important with regards to your knees. Click on the link to find out how to do this.