Top 10 Keto Foods: Boost Your Fat Loss Regimen

The keto diet is one of the most popular weight loss approaches in the world, involving the reduced consumption of carbs. As the body will no longer rely on carbs for energy, it will begin to burn stored fat. This will be turned into ketone bodies, which will be further used as an energy source.

Recommended by doctors and other healthcare professionals, the ketogenic diet ensures an effective weight loss process. It allows the body to no longer rely on glucose as a primary fuel, reducing the risk of unhealthy cravings and excess hunger.

By definition, this particular type of diet will involve consuming high quantities of fat and a moderate amount of proteins. The diet was originally used to keep epileptic seizures under control in children but, at the present moment, it is recognized as one of the best weight loss solutions.

Who can opt for the keto diet?


The ketogenic diet is the best diet plan for those who are battling serious weight issues. It will help those who are overweight and even obese return to a healthy figure, as you will no longer burn sugar but excess fat. The weight loss process is quick and the weight can be maintained through adequate diet management.

On the other hand, if you are suffering from pre-existent conditions – and especially of the liver – you should not follow this diet. People who suffer from diabetes or other medical conditions involving the pancreas or kidneys should refrain from following this dietary approach as well.

The diet is not recommended to anyone who has problems with their blood sugar. The interdiction is also valid for pregnant or nursing women; those who have been diagnosed/are recovering from an eating disorder or have a low weight.

Note: if you take medication for high blood pressure, diabetes (insulin in particular) or antidepressants, you should talk to the doctor before beginning the keto diet. Only a specialized physician can determine whether this dietary approach is safe for you or not.

Approved keto foods for boosting weight loss

If you have decided to go ahead with the ketogenic diet, you should keep in mind that the daily intake of carbs should vary between 20 and 50 grams. Below, you will find ten approved foods for the keto diet, guaranteed to help you lose weight and return to a healthy figure.

1. Vegetables (low-carb content)

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Vegetables that have low-carb content should be part of your daily meal plan. First of all, these are rich in vitamins and minerals, ensuring you the needed dose of nutrients. They are also rich in fiber, guaranteeing a prolonged satiety sensation and the healthy functioning of the intestinal transit.

You can prepare a lot of delicious meals from non-starchy vegetables, and it is worth knowing that these can offer protection against free radical damage, given their high content in antioxidants. Recommended choices include cauliflower, zucchini, squash, kale, broccoli, spinach, and Brussels sprouts.

2. Fish & other seafood

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If you like to eat fish and seafood in general, you are in luck. These are approved keto foods and, more importantly, they are rich in vitamins, containing very little/no carbs and plenty of beneficial fats. You can cook them in the most diverse ways and combine them with other ingredients.

You can consume shrimp, crabs, clams, mussels, octopus, oysters and squid (pay attention, as the content of carbs in each of these is different). As for the fish, you can opt for mackerel, sardines, and salmon; these contain omega-3 fatty acids, which can lower the levels of insulin and promote the weight loss process.

3. Avocados

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Avocados are the star foods of the keto diet. This is because they are healthy and contain a generous amount of beneficial fats, while their carb content is quite low. Moreover, avocados are rich in fiber, ensuring a prolonged sensation of satiety and preventing you from giving in to unhealthy cravings.

Rich in minerals and vitamins, avocados[1] can help you get accustomed to the keto diet and its food choices. You can consume avocado each day, as it will reduce the level of bad cholesterol and increase the one of HDL, which is the good one. You can prepare avocado in many different ways and even integrate it into healthy desserts.

 4. Meat

You cannot follow the keto diet without including meat as basic food. There are so many meals you can prepare for fresh meat; regardless of your preferences, all meat contains healthy fats, as well as vitamins, minerals and other beneficial nutrients.

Meat is rich in beneficial proteins, which will prevent the loss of muscle mass while you are following the keto diet. Moreover, the consumption of meat can increase the levels of good cholesterol. You are recommended to opt for grass-fed meat, as this contains the best nutrients, being the truly healthy choice for anyone trying to lose weight.

5. Coconut oil


As the ketogenic diet is all about healthy fats, you should consider adding coconut oil to your list of food choices. The nutrients contained in coconut oil are received by the liver and transformed into ketone bodies, which will further be used as effective energy sources.

Coconut oil is versatile and it can be used to prepare various meals, contributing to the weight loss process (especially in the abdominal area). If you are not crazy about the coconut flavor, you can opt for the unflavored version. Keep in mind that this type of oil can actually increase your metabolic rate, which is a huge plus. 

6. Eggs

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For those of you who are fans of eggs[2], the keto diet should be quite easy to follow. Eggs can be prepared in the most diverse ways and they contain virtually no carbs, not to mention only a moderate amount of proteins. They ensure a prolonged satiety sensation, allowing you to consume a reduced amount of calories.

Whether you like your eggs boiled or turned into an omelet, what matters is that you consume the entire egg (get all the nutrients). You can consume eggs on a daily basis, without worrying that your cholesterol level will be affected. They also offer additional benefits, keeping your heart and eyes in top shape.

8. Olive oil

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It is not for nothing that people in the Mediterranean region are the healthiest in the world. They consume olive oil as part of their regular diet, enjoying the beneficial properties of monounsaturated fats. Apart from promoting the weight loss process, this particular type of oil has been known to support cardiovascular health.

Olive oil is rich in antioxidants, protecting against oxidative stress and it contains no carbs, so you can use it in salads and various meals without stressing about the carb intake. When cooking with olive oil, use only low heat or, if possible, add it to the food after it has been cooked.  

8. Berries


The majority of the fruits have a high content in carbs and, thus, they are not recommended to those who want to follow the keto diet. However, berries represent the exception to that rule. They have low-carb content and they are rich in fiber, offering a prolonged satiety sensation.

It is also a known fact that berries[3] contain antioxidants, which can provide protection against the free radical damage and also reduce inflammation. Recommended choices include strawberries, blackberries, blueberries and raspberries.

9. Nuts and seeds

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When you are beginning a new diet, it is only normal to worry about the desire for snacks. Well, when it comes to healthy snacks, you have nuts and seeds as potential solutions. These are rich in beneficial fats and have low carb content, reducing the risk of cancer, heart disease and even depression, aside from promoting weight-loss.

As both nuts and seeds are low in fiber, you can have them as a nutritious snack and feel full for a long period of time. Recommended choices of nuts include almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, macadamias, pecans, walnuts and pistachios. As for seeds, consider chia, flaxseed, pumpkin and sesame.  

10. Dark chocolate

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You might not have thought that it is possible to find chocolate on the list of approved keto foods. But dark chocolate[4] is indeed a recommended choice, as it is rich in beneficial fats and antioxidants. It contains flavonoids, which can protect against inflammation, as well as free radical damage (keeping heart disease at a distance).

You should always opt for dark chocolate that contains at least 70% cocoa, as this is the healthiest choice for someone who is trying to lose weight. Keep in mind that dark chocolate contains few carbs but it should be consumed in moderation nonetheless.


In conclusion, these are some of the approved foods for those interested in the ketogenic diet. Do not hesitate to prepare delicious meals using these ingredients and seek out other potential food choices to help you lose weight and return to a healthy figure.