Stop Complaining For A Day And See What Happens

Stop complaining every day and you will learn just how much more beautiful your world is. Yes, life is stressful and frustrating. But, sometimes it can be too easy to slip into the routine of complaining non-stop about everything. People complain so often, that we’ve all accepted it as a normal extension of who we are. Complaining is not normal and it isn’t going to benefit your health either.

I became aware of my own complaining and I started to annoy myself. All it does is get you into a negative spiral of thoughts and manifestations – so, it’s really quite pointless actually. Science says it affects our brain health very negatively. If you’re constantly smashing aspects of your life, it’s no surprise you’re going to experience bouts of sadness or melancholy. In turn, you will start to feel extremely dissatisfied with your life.

I want this to be a new challenge that you all take on. Try to stop complaining for at least 24 hours solid. See how you feel afterward. Relaxed? Complaining every day builds unnecessary amounts of stress in the body.

Stop Complaining To Be Happy

It’s therapeutic to get in a good rant every now and then and it’s not realistic to expect you to never complain either. However, it’s good to become aware of your complaints and try to hone in on lessening the amount of complaining you do. The more you challenge yourself to do it, the fewer complaints you will have in your future existence.

I’m not suggesting that you all sit there whining about all that is dark in life, but there is sometimes a tendency to lean towards things that are not perfect in our lives. Even if you’re somebody who tries to remain positive and grateful, who journals about these things and appreciates their loved ones. It’s still easy to find yourself in a position where you are complaining more than you need to.
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There are always going to be frustrations in life, and it’s important to talk about them with those that care for you. That way you can start brainstorming solutions or gathering opinions from others. This is a very positive thing, but sometimes if you talk too much about things it can lead to all kinds of negative talk or gossip and complaints.

Studies have found that huge amounts of negative stress can worsen health problems like diabetes or asthma. They have also discovered that stressful complaints can cause tension headaches, joint pain, and even depression.

But the best way to combat these symptoms is through learning how to stop useless complaining.

1. Go With The Flow

This means having the ability to adapt to changes. Nothing in life is certain and you should always expect changes to happen at any given time. Whether or not it happens today, tomorrow or in five years time. Some are small and others are life-changing. You will experience sadness and don’t be afraid to allow yourself this time to do so because it could do the world of good. But, don’t let yourself wallow for too long.

2. Take Control Over Your Complaining Habit

Confidence is key and you need to be proactive. Take life into your own hands. You don’t need to let go of complaining so that you become a wilted flower. It means being assertive in telling people what your needs are and how they can be met.

Then you need to accept the situation because this is what allows you to move forward and think positively again. Challenge yourself to see the positive in a situation, even if it is a small good. Think of the experience as an opportunity rather than a horrible obstacle.

3. Mindful Thinking Helps

stop complaining [longevity live]

The past is what it is, so learn to accept it.

It also doesn’t help to constantly worry about the future either.

You won’t ever get anywhere doing that. Rather, focus on the now so you can learn how to cope with a situation as it unfolds. Become aware of negative thoughts and replace them with positive perceptions. Keep telling yourself that new things can be accomplished another day. It might be annoyingly cliche, but start telling yourself to accept things that life has to offer – the good and the bad. Even bad circumstances will change and can teach you more mindful attitudes, such as patience.

4. Live, Breathe Positivity

Okay, so this is not easy at first but it’s the only way you’re going to get anywhere. You need to retrain your thinking entirely. That means you need to start creating positive perceptions around problems. A common example is to stress over having the perfect child, job, or date. Once you learn to accept that life is messy and imperfect, then you are able to move forward. It is what it is. Keep placing a larger emphasis on the positive rather than the bad. That means when you experience setbacks, move forward and remember that everyone has them.

stop complaining [longevity live]

There are simple ways to exude confidence, one of which is your posture. Stand up straight, have a firm handshake, and always look people in the eye. Speak clearly, because you want people to understand your point. Try not to ramble so that you avoid awkward pauses and be firm with what you’d like to communicate. Do not allow room for guesswork.

5. Own up to your mistakes and fix them

It’s a very good character trait to have the ability to own your mistakes and stop complaining about the things that go wrong. Do not carry other people’s mistakes and learn to respect yourself. You must think highly of yourself and be confident in your choices. There is no reason not to. Therefore, you must surround yourself with others who respect you rather than those who are there to leech off of you. Get rid of those who only complain. Their energy is negative and you don’t need it in your life. If you surround yourself with people who like you and respect you, then you are more likely to show them the same back.

6. Move Foward, Always

The most important step is to be strong throughout! I don’t mean physically, but mentally. DO NOT, by any means allow life’s obstacles to keep you from moving forward. No matter who you are, people and situations that will annoy you. However, this is no excuse to wallow in the negativity. Bear in mind that everything you are experiencing now, will change later on and feel completely different. So,  stop complaining.

This one situation that is creating a problem cannot last forever. In fact, most problems are temporary and will change or end. Understanding this is the key to moving forward. Your life will change once you realize this.

stop complaining [longevity live]

7. Work to be less critical

Ironically, the person you judge the most is yourself. This needs to stop first! We all make mistakes, we’re all perfectly imperfect. So, why do you keep criticizing yourselves? This just leads you to complaints. Stop complaining!  Should of, would of, and could of must be removed from your vocabulary entirely. You can’t control life, it’s out of your hands sometimes.

All you can do is accept the circumstance, do what you can and then go with the consequences. List your strengths to build confidence and, on a better day, list your weaknesses and how to downplay them. Try to frequently compliment yourself and others. Always acknowledge when something has been done well or somebody is looking good.

Take note of self-doubt and then release these thoughts. Spending time in self-doubt is ultimately a waste. Make your decision and follow through.

This is not going to happen overnight, but you will find yourself complaining less the more you start making a habit of implementing these steps. Over time, you will find yourself living a more confident lifestyle. Stop complaining. Accept what you cannot control rather than complaining about these things. Trust yourself enough to move forward with self-assurance and confidence. Most importantly, be kind to yourself.

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