5 Unhealthy Habits That Will Harm Your Brain

Countless studies are being conducted in the hopes of better understanding one of our most complex organs: the brain. It is your body’s nucleus, providing consciousness, cognition and intelligence. Your brain is the ultimate tool for survival and success, so knowing how to look after it, is vital. This means you need to look at both what will help your brain to stay healthy and what might actually harm your brain’s health. These five unhealthy habits harm your brain more than you think:

Spending too much time in your own thoughts

Loneliness is not only unhealthy for your emotional being, but for your physical state as well. It has been proven that too much time by yourself can weaken your immune system and put you at higher risk of brain decline as well as Alzheimer’s. (1)

In other words, to avoid this unhealthy habit – stop inviting friends on Facebook and start inviting them for coffee.

Plugging in the earphones and blasting the music

manage stress | Longevity LiveIt only takes 30 minutes of listening to music at its maximum volume whilst plugged in to cause permanent hearing loss. (2)

So what does this mean? Hearing loss as an adult puts you at massive risk of losing brain tissue as well as increasing your risk of Alzheimer’s. Your best bet is to keep your earphone volume at 60% when you listen to music, and try not to be plugged in all the time. (3)

Eating too much junk food… or eating too much at all

The purpose of food is to nourish the body. So it should come as no surprise that there are certain foods that can help boost your functionality, and some that will weaken it. Fast foods have minimal nutrients and can easily weaken your mental health, memory and diligence in large doses.

However this doesn’t get you off the hook completely. Eating too much and gaining a lot of weight can also harm your brain, no matter how healthy the food is.

FAST FACT: To boost your brain function through food, try and up your intake of essential fatty acid omega-3, by eating fish, whole grains and nuts. (4) 

unhealthy habits | Longevity LIVE Pretending to be nocturnal

As much as the dark can be calming, try and keep it only for bed time. Staying in the dark for too long can easily lead to depression. Just like loneliness, depression can harm your body and causes it to weaken and your brain to decline. (5)

So, whenever you get the chance to step outside for a few minutes and be exposed to some sunlight, take it!

Getting too familiar with the couch

Relaxing and taking some time to unwind on the couch can be very good for you … but not all the time.

Sitting down all day, or doing little to no exercise can immediately put you at a high risk of dementia. If that isn’t enough, this unhealthy habit can also increase your chances of Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes and other lifestyle diseases. (6)


So what are you waiting for? It’s time to out for a light, Mediterranean lunch with your friends and family – and make sure to walk the dogs before dinner!

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