Water, Yes Plain H2O, Is Far Better Than Infused Waters

Water is as simple as H2O can get and yet we constantly underestimate its power. I don’t think any of us would’ve guessed that we would be paying high prices for fancy ‘health’ water. Now, look at us. There are so many harmless, yet unnecessary products available in the wellness world it gets tricky knowing how to sort them out. Will hydrogen infused brands be able to sort out all of your problems? No. Just like a turmeric latte won’t cure your fatigue and bloating.

The point is if you enjoy drinking these products then down to another. But don’t go out of your way or put a hole in your pocket to get them. It’s not life or death and you won’t make or break your healthy lifestyle. I wish we could just be simple and enjoy good old plain water. Knowing the real health products from the fads is very important for improving the quality of your life. 

Why is drinking from the tap not cool? Nope, to be cool you need to talk about which bottled H2O tastes better. Still or sparkling? Somehow artificially flavored or infused water has made it to the shelves and it’s selling like wildfire.

Water Versus Infused Bottled Brands

I must be honest. It’s a very bold move for these new brands to charge people with an arm and a leg for doing more or less the exact same thing normal water does. Apparently, H2O infused with hydrogen or with an alkaline pH is supposed to have a variety of health benefits. I don’t know, to me, it raises a red flag. Many of these new infused water brands claim to help ‘detox’ the body. The issue here is that your body naturally removes toxins and there’s no scientific evidence to prove that infused H2O might improve this process. Moreover, there are no products currently on the market that have been proven to work more efficiently than water itself.

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Basically, these new infusions are like superpower potions, supposedly. We need to start setting the record straight though. I mean is it really worth the money spent every time? I doubt our ancestors worried about whether or not their water was infused with hydrogen or alkaline. They counted themselves lucky just to find some.

That’s why I am turning to the experts.

Infusions Act As A Powerful Antioxidant. Really?

I wouldn’t believe every marketing claim so easily. One of the top claims made about hydrogen is that it helps reduce inflammation in the body. Experts explain that hydrogen water is a normal H2O with extra hydrogen molecules added through electrolysis. Many boast the many benefits you’ll receive from these hydrogen molecules. The International Food Information Council Foundation says the theory makes sense. This is because hydrogen molecules are involved in neutralizing free radicals in the body. Therefore, the more of them that are available, the more they can act on free radicals and reduce inflammation.

Still, there is no scientific proof that this does happen.

Another issue is that researchers also don’t know what the long term effects are of drinking hydrogen infused water. That’s why it’s also uncertain as to whether or not these infusions do anything. The foundation states that there have been some randomized controlled trials conducted on the effects of hydrogen water in humans. However, these have all been small and short in duration. The bottom line: None of us know whether or not these supposed benefits are legitimate. The best way to describe it is that this is a scientifically-backed hypothesis that extra hydrogen molecules might work as antioxidants. Nothing proves it yet though.

water [longevity live]Before you start asking all the ‘what if’s.’ Remember that we don’t know how much hydrogen water you’d need to drink to reap any identifiable health improvements. For all that we know, the amount could be massive and then it’s still a rather fruitless exercise.

Infusions, Alkalinity, and PH Levels

Besides the common claim that infused water might help ‘detox’ the body or shed unwanted weight. There’s also the idea that it will help your body create a less acidic environment. This is where alkaline water came from. Marketers state that because the water is higher in pH (more alkaline = less acidic). The products will help neutralize the acid in the bloodstream and help the body maintain an ideal pH level with ease. It’s true that we need optimal pH levels for a healthy functioning body. However, whether or not the body needs the help of some infused H2O is a different story.

It would be pretty awesome though. However, scientists state that your body probably doesn’t require the help and if it does…water won’t be your remedy. This is because all of our bodies are amazing at maintaining a stable blood pH of 7.36 to 7.44 (slightly alkaline).  The odds are you will most likely die if your blood falls out of this range for a long period of time.

The International Food Information Council says that so long as your kidneys and lungs are healthy, your blood pH will be kept in check.

water [longevity live]This is a top priority for all of our bodies and is always kept regulated. More so than any other biological processes in the body. Therefore no expensive bottle of hydrogen infused H2O will be able to compare.

Drink It If  You Workout

If you find yourself in a position where you do need help with regulating your pH levels. Alkaline water isn’t the way to handle it. What you drink and eat only affects the pH levels of your urine and doesn’t come close to the pH of your body or blood. It’s funny how most brands don’t seem to mention this aspect. Doctors explain that everything we consume passes through our stomach, where the pH is super acidic (between 1.5 and 3.5). All of this happens before it hits our bloodstream. Therefore, it’s pointless drinking tons of alkaline water because as soon as you drink it. The hydrochloric acid in your stomach simply neutralizes it.

Don’t put it out now. You’re into being healthy so I’m guessing you’re good at keeping fit too. Well, there has been some evidence reporting that alkaline water might benefit people to rehydrate after exercise. However, a lot more research needs to be done on this topic before any recommendations can be made for exercise recovery. Unfortunately, there is no concrete evidence to prove that alkaline infused water promotes a range of health benefits in everyday consumption.

It Is What It Is: Hydration

In all honesty, these infusions are just as good as plain water. And what does that do for us? It keeps us hydrated. In essence, they all do the same thing. It’s more a question about what you enjoy most and how you like to spend your money not how healthy it is.

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As we all know, drinking enough water is integral to living a healthy life. Tap, hydrogen or alkaline H2O all do this! Therefore none of them are better or worse for you other than the hole in your pocket. Infused water is very expensive and is often sold for at least $3 or $4 per bottle.

Once again, just drink more water people. It’s the best resource we’ve got and it is also better than drinking caloric dense or sugary sodas. I believe that if you enjoy drinking these infusions, then check the labels for additives and go for it! However, if you can find yourself plain water then I’d recommend opting for that instead of expensive alkaline or hydrogen water.

Tap water is life, girls, and guys.

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