5 Lighter Tips For Managing Your Stress

Life doesn’t always give us time to prepare for unforeseen stress and having a few lighter tips on hand to manage,  can really help.

Here Are Our Quick  Lighter Tips You Can Apply to Help Manage Your Stress


1. Pop Some Bubble Gum

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Time to channel your inner teen. Studies prove that munching on a stick of gum for no less than 10 minutes is a great way to settle sudden nerves. There are different opinions as to how it is so helpful. Some show it is because of the rhythmical chewing, others show it has a direct link to soothing your endocrine system. In the end, it actually really does help lower your cortisol levels and bring down mental strain.

WATCH OUT: Though it is a great temporary solution. Chewing gum is not something you should be doing all the time. Firstly you need to go for a low sugar and natural option that isn’t full of toxic chemicals. Secondly, chewing all the time without swallowing any solid food can make you swallow a lot of air, causing bloating and increasing your chances of IBS. 

2. Keep Music On Your Phone

Music is a known way to manage stress. Whether you’re about to do something stressful, or in the recovery process. Having your favourite tunes on stand by is a great way to bring down your cortisol levels. And as we live in the age of technology where everything is easily accessible, there really is no excuse not to have some music on you at all times. Whether you sync iTunes to your phone, play it off YouTube or go old school and use a CD, music is always going to be a top option.

3. Whole Carbs To The Rescue

manage stress | Longevity Live Whole, or complex carbohydrates are brilliant at bringing up the levels of your happy hormone, serotonin. So making yourself a sandwich with some wholegrain bread or even digging into a bowl of oatmeal is a simple and effective way to lighten up your mood. What’s even better? Having a bed time snack with a complex carbohydrate when you’re stressed will not only give you that mental boost, but help settle you down for a good nights sleep.


WATCH OUT: Not all carbs are the same. In the end you want to stick to complex, whole options and stay as clear as possible from refined and simple carbs. Complex carbs take a while to digest and keep your mood and energy levels stable over a long period of time. Simple carbs make your blood sugar levels and serotonin levels spike and then drop just as quickly. 

4. Eat Oranges

manage stress | Longevity Live Oranges have a great ability to bring down cortisol levels and boost your overall immune system and vitality. So squeezing them into a juice or tossing them into a fruit salad is a must. But most interestingly, the oils released from the actual peel of the orange are a proven antidepressant and anxiety reliever. So simply taking a good whiff of a whole orange is already a great way to manage nerves. If you find this really helps you. You should also buy an orange essential oil and use it as a form of aromatherapy in your surroundings.



5. Vent Your Frustrations On Paper Or Tell a Friend

manage stress | Longevity Live

In the end, having a proper outlet for your stress is the most important thing. Whether you find it easier to write everything down on a piece of paper or give a friend a call. What’s important is that you have a platform where you feel most comfortable to be completely honest and process your own emotions.



Importantly, while these tips may bring light relief, if you are suffering from severe stress it is important to seek  relevant professional help.


Sorry for all the women out there. But you are far more likely to suffer from anxiety than your gender counterpart. Follow this link to find out why.