Alzheimer’s End In Sight: Book Review

Alzheimer’s is a disease like no other due to its ability to rob individuals of everything that they are long before they pass on. In his debut book, Dr. Dale Bredesen, M.D, provides an even more informative and insightful approach to his ReCODE protocol that’s based on reversing cognitive decline. In it, he offers ways to which we can not only prevent Alzheimer’s but possibly reverse it by tackling 36 metabolic factors that affect cognitive health.

His protocol understands that in order for your brain to age well- you have to keep both your body and mind healthy and active. He believes that lifestyle and dietary choices can grossly affect cognitive health and suggests changes such as eliminating processed foods from your diet, taking up meditation or yoga, getting eight hours of sleep and improving your gut health through the use of probiotics and prebiotics. Click here to find out where we are in the fight against Alzheimer’s.

What makes this a good read – on Alzheimer’s?

Although there continues to be new literature on Alzheimer’s disease, The End of Alzheimer’s is the first of its kind- providing readers with new hope through patient stories that detail the journey back from Alzheimer’s and the new ways to which we
can better understand the disease. Dr. Bredesen research-backed protocol- which allows changes for readers to implement themselves- has shown impressive results with 9 out of his 10 patients displayed significant improvement with 3-6 months.

Granted the book is quite dense with information but it’s written in such a manner that makes it easy to follow and as it changes the way in which we view the disease, it won’t be long before Alzheimer’s becomes a thing of the past.

Click here to find out how you can do to save your hearing and prevent future dementia.