Create Sustainable Fashion Habits With 5 Simple Steps

Create a sustainable lifestyle. We all know that we should, but sometimes it isn’t as easy as it seems. Most of us (ladies in particular- myself included) are guilty of massively contributing to the fast-fashion and high-wastage problems worldwide.

However, ultimately it’s up to us to change the cycle.  For fashion girls like myself, the products we choose to fill our wardrobes impact our environment significantly. This includes our favorite brands, the materials we like, and how we use, dispose of and recycle our clothing. This is what makes the difference- whether its bad or not.create [longevity live]

Appreciating the longevity of our fashion products might be a good start.

Create Your Own Sustainable Fashion Habits

We can create more eco-friendly fashion practices by changing our daily actions. I know it seems like a daunting task, but I have managed to narrow it down into 5 steps that will enable you to help our environment. We can no longer ignore the tragedies occurring in our oceans, factories, land, and the atmosphere.

Here are the top things every single person can do to improve our consumption habits. You’ll not only be helping Earth, but you’ll be closely connecting your body and mind to the issue at hand. In turn, you will become much more aware!

Know What You’re Buying

This is probably the first and most important step in practicing sustainable consumption

create [longevity live]


You need to educate yourself. It might take a little more time and effort. However, it’s worth investigating the company’s production techniques. You need to learn where the clothes are produced and if they’re handmade. It’s also important to take the type of fabric used in consideration. Ask yourself if it’s made of eco-conscious materials like linen, hemp, organic cotton or wool? In addition, reading the fashion brands’ “About” page before you shop will give you an idea of how eco-friendly it is and their commitment to change.

Quality Should Always Overrule Quantity

Yes, it is very tempting to buy the entire shop or score on the bargains and get an extra bang for your buck. But, to be honest, if there’s any advice I can give. It’s to rather buy less clothing and choose quality products instead. This should be a priority in any fashionista’s mind, particularly if you want to create change. You’ll definitely have a tidier, more organized, and well-though closet. And in doing so, you will also lower your negative impact on the earth. Lastly, the biggest decision of all! Avoid fast-fashion purchases or giving into fleeting trends as much as you can! The best way to do this is to ensure that you love every piece of your purchase! That way you will have the intention of wearing it several times and keeping it for many more occasions in years to come.

Try The Local Secondhand Store

Buying secondhand products is actually a really fun, easy and more affordable way to shop. In fact, you can discover some of the most unique and one-of-a-kind outfits by shopping in thrift and vintage stores. The bonus is that you will also be shopping outside of the fashion cycle. Besides, there’s nothing wrong with already used clothing. Giving your pre-loved clothes a new body gives them new life and extends their purpose.

Less Is More

Don’t stress, I am just as indecisive as you are when it comes to choosing between different clothing items. What makes it even worse are the sales! They reel you in like that. Even the most experienced fashionista’s find it tricky trying to reduce their consumption to what they actually need. Every season there is an array of stunning outfit options and it’s tempting to buy the whole lot. But, even the outfits we love the most don’t always get used to their full potential once we bring them home. We recommend checking your wardrobe frequently to see what you really need. Then you can avoid buying pieces that you already have or don’t serve a purpose to what you actually require.

Opt For Brands Dedicated To Creating Changecreate [longevity live]

The more research you do, the more you’ll discover which brands are committed to creating eco-friendly practices within every step of the production process. Make it a conscious decision to prioritize these brands whenever you are out on a shopping spree.

There is a line of rising new brands, catching the attention of fashion consumers. See which brands are making a difference.

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    Great tips and very useful as well. The idea of shopping second hand is really very interesting as we can get various things at a low price. Keep sharing such tips with the readers.