Why We Launched A Medical Detox Retreat

Longevity has successfully hosted the first medically assisted medical detox retreat of its kind in Franschhoek, South Africa with leading positive aging GP specialist,  Dr Sly Nedic of 8th Sense

Why A Medical Detox Retreat?

Unfortunately, many of us  lead highly stressful, unhealthy lives and our body’s bear the brunt of it. The more damage we do, the more our health deteriorates. We place ourselves at risk of serious lifestyle diseases such as depressionadrenal fatigue, sleep issues, weight gain, obesitydiabetes, heart disease, autoimmunity and cancer.

We decided to create a unique detox retreat to provide individuals with enabling tools, personalized medical advice and information, under supervision over four days. The goal was to create a unique learning environment away from the stress of daily lives where participants better understand exactly what their own bodies needed to truly detoxify and become healthier. An authentically medical kick-starter programme which participants could take back and continue in their daily lives.  In order ensure the best possible outcomes, Longevity recruited Dr Sly Nedic of 8th Sense to work with us. Dr.Nedic is one of a handful of specialists who has a passion and the relevant qualifications to provide positive aging health outcomes. She would supervise each guest leading up, during and following the retreat.

Now you may be asking what differentiates a standard detox retreat to one that is medically assisted. A good question! Most advertised detox retreats, while they’re likely to somewhat help give you a short terms boost, do not use any detailed medical examinations and tests to understand your own personal health profile, including a genetic profile. With a medically assisted detox, you have to do medical screenings before you begin as the objective is to target and aid any core or underlying personal health issues.

Get To Know Your Own Unique Health Code

Throughout the course of our medically assisted detoxification retreat, we focused on these key areas:

1. Meal plans

After receiving feedback from each guests’ medical examinations, Dr. Nedic formulated a meal plan and menu for the entire group that would give them the bio-available nutrients they needed. All meals were prepared using whole, mainly organic ingredients.  Everything was vegan-friendly – with the exception of small quantities of raw, unrefined honey. No refined carbohydrates or foods high in starch were used either.

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Smoothie preparations
Light lunch
Our chef Keshia Louw presenting a meal











2. Dietary supplements

Specific dietary supplements can be a great way to boost the efficacy of a detox. They also help increase the levels of any nutrient your body may be missing which lead to compromised physiological and mental health. In order to ensure each guest received high quality, natural, non-GMO, vegetarian or vegan friendly supplements that used no artificial sweeteners throughout the retreat, we partnered with Metagenics® SA.

3. Lymphatic massage treatments

During the retreat we had holistic and natural therapist, Raynette du Toit, and her amazing team joined us to provide each guest with personalized lymphatic massage and reflexology sessions. Lymphatic massage is particularly useful during a detox as it uses light pressure and long, rhythmic strokes to increase the flow of lymph and reduce toxins in your body. Reflexology, on the other hand, works on reflex points on your feet, hands, and ears that can relate to specific organs and glands in the body.

4. Coaching with Dr Sly Nedic

Dr Nedic dedicated her time before, during and after the retreat to better health and longevity of each guest by educating and enabling them by providing sound, integrative medical information and practices. This included individualized coaching sessions, where she spent a dedicated amount of time throughout the 4-day detox to help every guest with their own personal health, understanding their test results as well as the necessary lifestyle and medical changes that needed to be implemented in order to improve their well-being.

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Lymphatic massage with holistic and natural therapist Raynette du Toit
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Food preparations
Outside dining area











This individualized coaching was accompanied by three step-by-step lectures during the retreat aimed to enrich everyone’s understanding of integrative and personalized health as a whole. There was a set structure to the lectures, and each day revealed something new and crucial about the process managing your toxic intake and elimination on a day-to-day basis.

During the first lecture, Dr. Nedic spoke about how toxins are damaging our life. These toxins are contained in the products we use, food we eat, lifestyle habits and how stress plays such a pivotal role in how our bodies handle toxic intake. From there, she revealed to the group what true detoxification would entail and finally, how it can be implement into daily living as naturally as possible.

5. Yoga and meditative walks

We dedicated time to relaxation every day which could be done individually or in group activities we organized.

Every morning, guests were calmly woken up by a melodic singing bowl. After which they quickly got into comfortable clothing, drank two glasses of warm water and lemon to flush the gut and kick start their metabolism, and went outside to a sunrise yoga session in the garden. The objective of the yoga was to awaken their bodies, but in a gentle manner. Our experienced yoga instructor, Lisa Slabbert, from Wild Spirit Yoga Studio then led stretching and yoga sessions on the lawn of the estate.

retreat | Longevity LIVE
Yoga instructor Lisa Slabbert
retreat | Longevity LIVE
Morning yoga with Terra brands yoga mats
A view of Franschhoek











Throughout the day, everyone had the opportunity to express their creativity by grabbing some paper and drawing pens, going outside, and taking the time to draw to their heart’s content.  Or they could simply get stuck into a good book from a selection of good reads we provided. The idea behind having creative exercises was to keep busy doing low-energy activities that wouldn’t strain the body, yet still provide a relaxing and peaceful outlet for stress.

Before dinner, we offered each guest the chance to go on a silent meditative walk around the estate. This gave everyone a chance to reflect on their day, what they had learnt and the opportunity to take in the beautiful surroundings.

5. A touch of beauty

The detoxification retreat wouldn’t be complete without a little attention paid to beauty, skin health and fitness. For this reason, 8th Sense organised a 30 minute regenerating facial for each guest after their lecture with Dr Nedic on the Sunday.

Furthermore, we partnered with a worthy brands who gave a special gift for each guest to help enrich their detox experience. The skincare and beauty brands pride themselves in creating natural products that work on bettering skin health without harming the body with toxic ingredients. The fitness brands develop utilities necessary for a holistic and healthy outlet for exercise.

Longevity was supported by companies who put well being at the center of their businesses,  producing quality products that are free from toxins and unhealthy preservatives.

Africology is devoted to creating skincare and spa product with natural and pure ingredients that take both the environment and human health into consideration.

Nikel Cosmetics
Croatian-born brand, Nikel Cosmetics is an all-natural skincare brand that prides itself in creating products with traditional active plant ingredients that have targeted efficacy for most common skin problems.

Terra Brands Yoga Mats
Terra Brands have an incredible range of yoga mats that are developed to be both highly supportive during use, and manufactured using eco-friendly materials.

Lorna Jane
Lorna Jane’s philosophy stems from the way Lorna strives to live her everyday life – actively through nourishment, movement and positivity. Her motivating ethos and unique active wear have created an inspiring fitness brand.

retreat | Longevity LIVE
Africology hamper
retreat | Longevity LIVE
Terra Yoga Eco-Mat
retreat | Longevity LIVE
Nikel Cosmetics hamper
retreat | Longevity LIVE
Lorna Jane gift card sent to “Inspire you to live your best, most beautiful life.”









Our thanks to 8th Sense and Dr Sly Nedic, Raynette du Toit and her team from RDT for the lymphatic massages, our yoga instructor Lisa Slabbert from Wild Spirit Yoga and our dedicated chef Keisha Louw,  Cape Town University of Technology. Also to our associated brands, and our committed guests who embraced the programme from start to finish and who achieved valuable outcomes for longevity.

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