Ethical Fashion Is Trending In This Year’s Eco-Driven World

Ethical fashion brands are trending this year. They are using traditional techniques and innovative materials. Moreover, big brands are trying to define themselves as more than just a label. There is a line of rising new brands, catching the attention of a small group of fashion consumers. These consumers are looking for fashion that is trendy, but mindful.

Ethical Fashion Is Closing The Gap Between Sustainability, Global Wellness And Couture.

Ethical Fashion | Longevity LIVEAn increasing number of consumers are making their decisions based on ethics and morals, They are taking product features and services into account, at every purchase. Ethical practices are ranging from athleisure brands to wellness tourism and organic beauty brands. We will be seeing an increase in brand eco-alignment. Ethical fashion will be reaping the benefits. But, what does ethical consumerism mean for wellness brands?

A study by Unilever revealed that a third of consumers are choosing brands based on their social and ethical impact, globally. Furthermore, these consumers want sustainable beauty, fashion, fitness and travel. This is definitely a trend that we must pay attention to. Therefore, ethical fashion, is producing fabrics free of synthetics- with environmental benefits and natural consequences, due to the lack of chemicals used.

Here Are A Few Global Fashion Brands, Leading Ethical Fashion;

1. MAISON MAKAREMEthical Fashion | Longevity LIVE

This international fashion brand showcased its  Spring/Summer collection in 2017 already, which was created using purely traditional couture methods. Moreover, media sources like Eluxe Magazine stated that the brand produces its clothes in a privately run mill in Italy. This mill ensures that they only use ethical methods and sustainable materials. Layal Makarem, founder and director tells us that the new collection includes; high waisted trousers, full-length skirts with spirals and seams, which are all produced using traditional, sustainable couture practices.

2. A.BCH

An ethical fashion brand to lookout for is, A.BCH. They make their collections with responsibly sourced materials, from GOTS certified fabrics and threads. Eluxe Magazine tells us that they use plant-based buttons and use carbon neutral deliveries. Lastly, the brand also assigns a code to each item of clothing, so that it’s traceable on the website. This therefore allows customers to read about how their garment is produced.

3. Thoreau

Do you like simple and trendy make up? But, you worry about its effect on the environment. Then, this socially responsible eco-brand is for you. The brand is reducing its carbon emissions by placing their garments into their ‘zero waste, zero water pollution’ process. Lastly,  they are actively helping the economy by producing their clothing, locally.Ethical Fashion | Longevity LIVE

4. Sofia Metsoviti

Are you getting tired of the wasteful ways we consume fashion? Then, here is your go-to brand! According to Eluxe Magazine, Sofia creates simple, timeless and cool denim, by recycling old dead stock she found in Greece. She focuses on trying to remove fashion’s dead end. ‘make-sell-turn’ obsolete model. But, with quality durability and aesthetics this brand is revolutionizing the way that we interpret the fashion industry. Sofia is also researching new ways to make her label more sustainable, because she believes the earth only has so much to give. Therefore, this brand inspires all of us to start thinking more about our planet and our impact we have on it.

Ethical Fashion | Longevity LIVE5. Natascha Mehrabi

Eluxe Magazine says Natascha has always been a lover of nature and passionate about helping endangered species. She has released a collection of silky scarves, which are environmentally and socially conscious. The brand supports local, instead of global, because it uses local manufacturers. Moreover, her prints are hand–painted, the water supplies are protected and wastage is minimal. She also stays away from harmful chemicals. More importantly, the brand focuses on reminding us to appreciate the beauty that the earth naturally provides.

Research is showing us that two-thirds of global consumers are willing to pay more for sustainable products. In addition,  wellness decisions are becoming even more values-driven than before, Brands rising successfully to the challenge, will likely see it paying off. Ethical fashion is the way forward, our mindsets towards the industry have to change. Living mindfully, in a wellness-driven world is ultimately revolutionizing consumerism.

Our recommendation to you, is to start loving yourself by loving your environment first.


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  1. 25 June 2018 at 10:36 pm

    Some beautiful ethical fashion brands in here – great to see Sofia Metsoviti recycling old stock. I think this will lead the way for many more to do the same.
    We loved this article so featured it in our latest ethical fashion link roundup –

  2. 11 July 2018 at 5:36 am

    I have worked in fashion for years and seen its effects on the environment. Thanks for shining a light on ethical fashion. You are 100% correct and I am so happy that people are starting to write and talk about these important issues. This is exactly why I created my shoe. I crafted a women’s shoe that has substantially less impact on our planet and meets the highest ethical standards for workers. It is a modern, comfort shoe. It is made in California.