Fashion To Be Overruled By The Wellness Industry

Fashion today is all about self-awareness and it exemplifies the era we’re in. There’s no room left on earth for fleeting trends and fast fashion. Wellness has taken over and we’re seeing smarter, sustainable materials and production methods. So, yes, you could say that wellness has basically swallowed fashion to a great extent. People would rather talk about the sleekest yoga mat design rather than the silhouette of their dress.

You see, for centuries humans have been sold tons of things to make us feel better about ourselves. These materials are all there to boost our self-esteem. That’s just it. These materials are just things and are never going to sustain feelings of satisfaction without having to buy more. It’s actually a very smart business tactic and has made billions of dollars just so that we can feel more confident, richer and happier. However, all this ‘stuff’ is never enough and we’ve left it in the 20th century. We’re in the era of enlightenment and people want longevity in their life. They seek methods to find inner peace and fulfilment.

Things are a lot more aspirational and nobody wants a temporary fix anymore.  There’s no point in buying into a dream version of yourself when you learn ways to master how to make that version of you a reality.

Fashion Is Now Wellness

There’s a massive shift in the world’s thinking.

That’s why you’ll see this intersection between wellness and fashion more and more. It’s all about re-engineering the fashion cycle. This means that fast fashion and trend cycles no longer dictate what we wear. Instead, are embracing conscious design, responsible sourcing, and safer, ethical, more efficient value chains.

There have been so many changes in how we live, breathe and consume. Now our manufacturing processes have changed for the better too to help protect the environment and our health. The massive spark in interest towards fitness and health also means that clients would rather choose to spend their money on items that are going to help them on that journey rather than buying the next big fashion trend.

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Part of this change is probably due to the rise in popularity of the athleisure athleisure trend. Simplistic items like sports bras and leggings were being sold like wildfire even though they cost an arm and a leg. I mean, why would you spend a fortune on gym clothes, normal people asked. Well, the world’s desire to transform themselves became so strong that they were prepared to spend that kind of money on such items. Amazing, right?

That’s why new activewear brands started to pop up all over, starting with Lululemon. And this was only the beginning. There is also a massive gap between the millennials and their baby-boomer parents. The world the millennials have grown up in is much more unstable, which means they’ve got a very different understanding of what security looks like, how an investment works and what their future environment will be.

Wellness Creates Stability

Do you ever get funny looks from your parents, especially when you bring up health, fitness or wellness topics? That’s because older generations don’t know as much about it and the concept may be strange to many. Whereas to younger generations, wellness is everything and is an investment in ourselves in this very unstable world.

As a result, worldwide the wellness industry is making billions. I mean, Pilates and Yoga classes are happening everywhere and big fashion brands like Chanel have even endorsed their own mats. According to The Guardian, celebrities have jumped on board too. There is Mark Wahlberg who says he starts his day at 3.40am with a 95-minute workout. And then you get Gwyneth Paltrow, owner of Goop, a company that’s collecting millions of dollars in the wellness sector.

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Whilst the core focus of wellness is very positive, there is a downside too. The world wants to be super fit and healthy and because of this a certain amount of pressure has bee created to look a certain way and train yourself until the point of failure. Let alone being able to afford yoga retreats and pilates classes on top of that. So, whilst wellness is more sustainable than fashion – it could also set many people up for failure just like buying into a fleeting trend would. Motivation to look a certain way doesn’t last…So, what’s the next best thing then?

Setting An Intention And Paying For It

Despite your goals or how long you manage to maintain your motivation, you’re still going to have to pay quite a bit of money for your wellness. Yoga classes are not cheap – so, fancy lipstick or not, the trend still costs but at least we are trying to invest in ourselves for longevity, not the latest trend.

What does this mean for fashion? I don’t think wellness is going to get rid of fashion but it is massively influencing how we think about it. There are now more important topics for us to talk about and doing some planking instead of going shopping does seem a lot more productive. Focusing on getting better sleep and eating clean, instead of buying some new earrings will be better for you in the long run, even if it costs you just as much to do it.

Given the opportunity, I’d much rather spend my money on some good food and health supplements or gym equipment, rather than go and spend it on some new shoes. Things have certainly changed, because if you had asked me the same questions five years ago, my answer would’ve been very different.

What do you think this means for the fashion industry? 

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