5 Minutes With Health Inspiration Annelise De Jager

Annelise de Jager is passionate about effecting positive change in the lives of others. She founded the incredibly successful South African fundraising project, Casual Day, which raised R173 million under her leadership. She has founded and is currently developing Tekkie Tax, a project which has brought together 16 reputable welfare organizations committed to benefit animals, basic family care, children, health, disability and education. She also runs an NGO Empowerment Program to equip welfare organizations with the skills to run their organization like a business, as well as with integrity, transparency and accountability.

These are her inspirations:

1. We all have the ability to give

This is true whether it is a big or small donation, whether it is in the form of time, money or goods. We also all have the responsibility to ensure that the organization we are giving to is transparent and accountable, and that our donation will go to where it is most needed.

2. This is why I was motivated to get involved in charity work

As a social worker, I saw the social disparity firsthand. I am filled with a passion to assist because of what I have that many others don’t. I am blessed with a beautiful, intelligent child; I have no disabilities; I have food to eat, and so many people go without. As a result of God’s mysterious work and circumstance, I happened to graduate with an honors in both Social Work and Communication, which landed me in the niche market of working with welfare organizations. This has allowed me to fulfill my passion.

3. My definition of health and wellness is:

The ability to live a balanced life. Many people excel in one area, but are not paying attention to the others. You cannot have wellness if you are a brilliant career women, but failing as a mother, or really disciplined at going to gym, but your social relationships are falling apart. In order to be healthy, you need to focus on all three of the main areas of life: your personal relationships, your physical health and leading a fulfilling work life. I would also emphasize that giving back is part of living a balanced life. Click here to discover 5 tips on how to balance work and life.

4. Emotional health is underrated and really important.

We live in such a competitive, fast-paced society. As a result of this, we often neglect our minds, or emotional needs. I believe that many problems, such as depression, are as a result of this neglect. Emotional health is a very important aspect to being a healthy, balanced person. Click here to find out more about this.

5. The most important thing that I have learnt through my work is:

While we have the ability to give, we also have the responsibility to ensure that the welfare organization we choose to support is transparent and accountable. It is not enough for the cause to be worthy. The people running your chosen organization must have integrity and their values must align with yours. We all want to know that our donations are safe and that they are going to make a difference. at is the most important thing that I am trying to do through Tekkie Tax. I want to ensure that the organizations that are run correctly and that can effect positive change receive the donations of those who have a desire to see that change.