The Mindful Experience To Happiness

Enjoying each day should be a goal held by all of us. Happiness shouldn’t escape you because of your routine. However, it’s usually our own fault that we don’t keep this goal in mind.

Well, then why don’t we? Human beings are creatures of comfort, and when we experience high after high we tend to hit complacency plateaus. We quickly forget how fortunate we are, and this is a sad state of affairs.

What we truly need is a contrast between a different variety of experiences. We know that the more colorful life experiences will make the most impact on us. Here’s how to make sure that you do keep your goal in mind.

How To Contrast Your Experiences For Happiness

happiness | Longevity LiveWe don’t necessarily need a poor experience to enjoy a great moment – that would be an emotional roller coaster. However, we do need to ensure that we are experiencing things – both positive and negative – that get us out of our comfort zones.

The great moments are often short lived. Imagine them as spring boards rocketing one to euphoria. Such spring boards are best placed on firm ground. Consider this firm ground as the daily grind where you do the all important priorities of the day. For some the daily grind is boring, plain and uneventful, but that is exactly the base you need to create contrast.

Doing things that are challenging brings more meaning and appreciation to those things that come with ease and simplicity. A small amount of pain and discomfort is like the enhancing effect of salt to sweetness.

Clock Watchers Take Note!

An example of where you can apply this is with the time you leave work.

Say you knock off at 4 pm, and you feel the day is truly dragging on, simply imagine how terrible it would be if you had to stay in till 5 pm. Very quickly you start to appreciate your standard time.

Everywhere you look there is an opportunity to draw upon the power of contrast. Keep looking and make everyday a day that counts.