Risking Almost Everything To #SAVETHEFISHIES

Risking it all means dedicating yourself entirely to that thing in life that sets your soul on fire. Sand Cloud is a lifestyle brand that started as a dream and transformed into a mission.

Steven Ford and Brandon Leibel created this amazing brand by complete chance. They both worked at a local call centre in San Diego. Luckily, fate brought them to meet their future business partner and lifelong friend, Bruno Aschidamini.

Risking It And Dedicating Your Life To #SAVETHEFISHIES

risking #savethefishies [longevity live]

Sand Cloud is a lifestyle and beach-wear brand that gives people the opportunity to show their appreciation for the sea world. I know I often want to help but just don’t know how to start!

The adventure started because three post-grads had a passion for the ocean. After hanging onto their dream, they took their vision and put it into action. The brand is now a charitable beach lifestyle company and is best known for its colourful handmade Turkish beach towels and its massive social media ambassador following.

They have consistently been the beacon of awareness for marine life preservation, since their launch in 2014. They have also contributed hugely to nonprofits who also support the preservation of our sea creatures and oceans.  Sand Cloud donates exactly 10% of all their earnings to these organisations. It is so inspiring to see more people promoting environmental wellness,

Why Is Their Core Message So Contagious?

There are well-over 200,000 loyal Sand Cloud ambassadors, who keep spreading important messages about preserving the marine world. But how is there such a massive following? Well, the brand is smart and encourages people to participate by buying their merchandise. The world loves fashion accessories, lifestyle attire and bikinis. Therefore, Sand Cloud has its very own range of original beach towels, blankets, apparel and accessories.

Thousands of their ambassadors and regular shoppers, rave about Sand Cloud’s products and mission statement online. There are over 100,000 posts on Instagram that contain Sandcloud’s infamous hashtags #savethefishies and #sandcloud. It’s such a positive brand too. Every post you come across is always paired with photos of happy customers enjoying their products.risking #savethefishies [longevity live]

The founders of Sand Cloud all believe that ‘knowledge is power.’ And we agree. If you can educate people about the severity of ocean pollution in an artistic way. People are automatically going to want to be apart of your community to make a difference.

The founders say that most people don’t realise that 100,000 marine mammals are killed every year because of plastic pollution. However, they have dedicated their lives to educating them and supporting organizations that are effectively fighting these problems. Incredibly, with the support of Sand Cloud customers and ambassadors, over 1,000 marine life animals have been rescued. In addition, over 500 pounds of rubbish has been cleaned off of our beaches worldwide.

And that’s not all! This amazing brand has donated $100,000 to nonprofit organizations. These include The Marine Conservation Institute and The Pacific Marine Mammal Center.

Now, Sand Cloud wants to have at least 1 nonprofit partner in all 7 continents by the end of 2018.

Risking It All Doesn’t Go Unrecognised

Sand Cloud is a talented and creative group, who live only to give back to our community. Many of their followers see the brand as a symbol of hope, change and preservation of marine life. We love this brand because it touches every heart with a passion to raise awareness for ocean protection.

However, these heroic actions certainly don’t go unnoticed.

The brand has received significant honours for their efforts. In 2017, Sand Cloud was rewarded with a deal on the ABC hit show, Shark Tank. Afterwards, they then won the highly coveted Tony Robbin’s Shopify Build A Business Competition for their impressive following, philanthropic work and quality products.

risking #savethefishies [longevity live]Lastly, the brand has even been in Inc Magazine, Entrepreneur Magazine, The Huffington Post,  and CNBC News. Maybe, risking everything to make your dreams a reality is really worth it. The brand is forever grateful to their followers and ambassadors. Because without them, their message would not ave nearly as much impact on the world’s marine life as it has.

This is truly a team who loves and nurtures their supporters, their mission and their products equally. We’re not at all surprised that hundreds, of thousands of people around the world flock to represent their purpose.

Their original products act as real-life reminders to enjoy the beach, whilst preserving it for the animals that call the ocean home.

This year, we’re seeing more fashion brands raising awareness about the threats facing our oceans and taking action to save them. See who they are.