Tattoo Talk: Why Not Try The Temporary Ones First?

The sheer volume of consequences that arise if you choose to have a tattoo removed begs the question: Isn’t it easier to simply get a temporary one? Here are our list of the best ones that are natural, fade after a while, and offer the same effect without the permanency.

1. Water transfer tattoos

These are the same concept as children’s temporary tattoos, but they have been redesigned and styled for adults. This summer’s massive trend included gold foil and silver tattoos for a youthful beach look. They usually last for five days. People with sensitive skin need to be careful, as they can cause irritation.

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2. Henna body art

Derived from the Lawsonia inermis shrub, henna is one of the safest tattoo options for your skin, as it is made from purely natural ingredients. It has been a cultural phenomenon among women for thousands of years in Africa, India and the Middle East, and today has become popular in Western society as a form of body art. Henna paste is applied in intricate designs on your skin, and within a few hours dries and chips off, leaving a burgundy pattern on your skin for about two weeks.

3. Inkbox

Inkbox is a new and innovative product for short- term, realistic-looking body ink. It is made entirely of organic, natural compounds that react with the epidermis, turning the structural proteins of your surface skin black. The effects last for about
two weeks; as the epidermis begins to break away and regenerate, so the stained skin begins to fade.

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4. Semi-permanent tattoo pens

A fun and easy way to create your own designs with ink that is safe for your skin, semi- permanent tattoo pens can usually be bought in sets with various stencils, and usually don’t last longer than a wash or two.

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