I Took A Chill Pill In Ibiza

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Everyone knows Ibiza is famous for it’s buzzing party life. It’s the go-to holiday location you choose to escape the mundane of life. Here, the culture of excessive behaviour is “the norm” associated with having a good time.

So is it possible to combine the fun-filled aspect of dancing all night in Ibiza with your friends, without the unhealthy repercussions the next day that come with this excess?

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Well former extreme party boy, Anthony Lowther, has made it his mission to achieve exactly this. Though he loves the idea of having a good time, keeping well is his biggest goal.  And now he’s created the option for you to have an entirely revitalising “buzz” on your fun-filled holiday. So you still get the excitement you pioneer for,  but keep mentally and physically healthy in the process.

The New Way To Party In Ibiza

This year, Hotel Es Vive, one of Ibiza’s most popular resorts, will be partnering with Lowther’s lifestyle brand, Rainbow City, to create the ideal healthy getaway.



Ibiza | Longevity Live
Hotel Es Vive

Together they have founded the holiday program, Virtue Ibiza. Hotel founder, Jason Bull is looking forward to seeing the hotel evolve in a spiritual sense as well.

“I am thrilled by the prospect of what we can achieve together. Hotel Es Vive is delighted to be the first luxury hotel in Ibiza to offer this sort of experience. Virtue Ibiza will set standards for years to come.” Jason Bull, founder of Hotel Es Vive

Ibiza | longevity live


What is Virtue Ibiza?

Virtue Ibiza is a five day program, where you get to enjoy the 5 star, luxury experience of the hotel. However, with the benefit of immersing yourself in the Rainbow Tribe’s healthy living routine. 

What Does This Include?

  • An all organic, healthy and plant based menu

  • Raw food workshops and nutritionist talks

  • Bars with fresh, locally sourced fruit, super foods and herbs instead of alcohol

  • Yoga twice a day as well as meditation and mindfulness

  • Deeply relaxing spa treatments

Ibiza | longevity live

Energy enhancing activities are also offered, such as:

  • Ancient sound healing

  • Sun gazing

  • Reiki sessions

  • Singing and dancing

  • Fancy dress parties


You will be able to book your stay for Virtue Ibiza soon. The first program starts on the 27th of October. Visit the Hotel Es Vive website for more details. 

Ibiza | Longevity Live
Anthony Lowther

“We intend to evolve the concept of what a hotel space, a bar and a party can be used for. Always focusing primarily on true health and spiritual connections. Virtue Ibiza will show that fun and health is not only the combination for relative self-growth, but also the future of all entertainment.” Anthony Lowther – Rainbow City 




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