5 Smart Tips For A Work & Family Life Balance

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Schuyla Goodson Bell, Managing Director of Cummins Southern Africa, shares her tips for a healthy work, family and life balance. She believes in sustainable inspiration to empower yourself to be a better you – and that a balancing act might benefit you and your loved ones.

Tip 1: Restoration

What is your commitment to your body and brain? The keys to restoration are good rest, exercise, nutrition and stillness.

Everyone may be different but commit to determining what works for you and start now. Uninterrupted sleep for at least six hours on a consistent basis can improve your life. Finding time to be still is invaluable. Sometimes I sit in my car in a safe place for about 15 minutes and do absolutely nothing – no music, no phone … just a moment toward restoration.

Tip 2: Make a Plan

Work/life balance doesn’t just happen; planning is essential! A good plan provides structure but includes flexibility, because Life and Changes happen.

Your base plan includes important non-negotiables. It may mean getting up earlier to get to yoga, the gym, or to ensure you have quiet prayer or meditation time. It may mean Sunday lunch at a restaurant and not at home. It may mean renegotiating a presentation deadline to attend a swimming gala or birthday celebration. Honor your plan; it’s a non-negotiable.

Tip 3: Let Go

tips balance | Longevity LiveSocial media, unnecessary meetings and maybe a few acquaintances are generally at the top of a good LET GO list. Start by checking yourself; you have the most at stake and you know yourself best.

Do you view social media sites while having important conversations with your partner or child? Are you able to unplug and operate offline for a day or, better yet, a week? Who are you spending time with? Friends, colleagues and family affect our work/life balance. What do you experience with the people in your life? Determining whether you feel good or awful after connecting with someone should help you to make changes or simply let go.

Tip 4: It’s Good Enough

Perfection is actually imperfection; there will always be an alternative view, a different way to complete a task or an innovation you didn’t consider. If you have put in good time and effort in whatever you are doing, trust that it is good.

Every exercise regime, presentation for a senior executive, home-cooked dinner or last-minute party costume can be better; know when you are done.

Tip 5: Empowerment

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How much are you doing that someone in your organisation is better at or more passionate about? Empower them, provide resources and give support with constructive feedback.

You free up time, create great exposure for your colleague, and help in developing organisational talent.


These 5 tips are brought to you by Cummins Southern Africa.



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