Make-Up Tips For Women Who Rock Glasses!

Glasses definitely make a style statement, but your eyes can get lost beneath your frames unless you adjust your make-up. Make-up Artist Bobbie Brown shares her favorite ways to make your eyes pop from behind your lenses.

glasses | Longevity Live8 Make-up tips for women who rock glasses:

1. Eyeliner is key; it really adds definition from behind your lenses.

2. Always define your brows with a shadow the same shade as your hair color. This will ensure that your glasses don’t overpower your face.

3. The glass in your frames can highlight under-eye discoloration and darkness, so corrector and concealer underneath the eye and in creases is essential.

4. Waterproof mascara won’t smudge on your lenses.

5. If you have strong frames, you can get away with stronger make-up.

6. If your frames are delicate, or in a nude shade, don’t let your make-up overpower your frames. Choose softer colors for shadow and create definition with a dark liner and mascara.

7. The color of your eye-shadow shouldn’t compete with the color of your glasses. If you want the same color as your frame on your eyelids, try a base hue that’s a shade lighter, and go for a few shades darker for the crease color. Finish with a black liner and mascara.

8. For an easy look, go with a bold color on your lips, and just corrector, concealer and mascara for your eyes. Put on your glasses and you’re done.

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