Smoothing Out The Cellulite

Every woman wishes for that one, simple, solution for cellulite.
But what is this dimply tissue and how do we make it vanish?


Research has discovered that the main culprit is hormonal – oestrogen dominance. This is not surprising considering stress and xenoestrogen environmental chemicals, proliferate our natural oestrogen levels.

Oestrogen and xenoestrogens are stored in our adipose (fat) tissue, where they inhibit the mobilisation of cellulite fat cells for energy. High oestrogen levels increase our fat, which increases our oestrogen, which increases our cellulite.

cellulite | Longevity LiveThe good news is that we can balance our oestrogen levels.

Melting away oestrogen dominance:

  • Cut out the oestrogen foods – sugar, refined foods, soya, flax and red meat
  • Increase coconut oil, seeds and avocado’s for happy progesterone
  • Increase natural vitamin C for hormones, elastin and collagen
  • Clear your cupboards of all petrochemical body and cleaning products
  • Take lemon juice or raw apple cider vinegar for your liver
  • Chasteberry can help to balance oestrogen and progesterone
  • Vitamin D from sunlight helps nourish our hormones

cellulite | Longevity LiveOther influences that help reverse this lumpy cycle include a mixture of activities and healthy eating options. For one, start to move more! Dance, play and have some physical fun to get your body moving and your circulation going. To enhance body circulation use massage and body brushing tools.

As for a oestrogen-light-diet increase the intake of your essential nutrients like fresh organic veggies and green juice. Add fresh aloe vera to your morning smoothie to enhance your collagen levels and use a foam roller to release fascia for stronger connective tissue.

A little self-nurturing can really go a long way.

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