Try This Century Old Remedy For Healthy Hair

Sun-damage to our skin is not the only contributor to a look of premature aging due to dehydration and damage; our hair can suffer the same effect.

A combination of summer sun, dry air, swimming and heat styling can leave your crowning glory looking decidedly less glorious than you’d like. But before rushing out to buy expensive hair masques and treatments, I encourage you to first try a centuries-old home remedy to ensure healthy hair and repair damage – coconut oil.

Properties of Coconut Oil

healthy hair | Longevity LIVEThe moisturising, protective and restorative properties of coconut oil on hair are well documented and not just by old wives, but also by the scientific field. One study conducted by Princeton University in the US, in 2001, found that coconut oil penetrates the hair shaft, while mineral oil does not.

And not only does it penetrate but it also binds to the hair’s protein and prevents swelling and contracting of hair, which is one of the causes of hair damage by hygral fatigue – the weakening of hair caused by this swelling and contracting during water exposure and which makes hair susceptible to breakage.

How To Apply Coconut Oil for healthy hair? 

healthy hair | Longevity LIVETo get the waterproofing benefits of coconut oil, use it as a pre-wash conditioner rather than post-wash. This prevents hygral fatigue and will leave your hair silky smooth, soft to the touch and ultimately stronger and more healthy. You can also use it as a post-wash conditioner to keep your hair moisturized and protected, and to encourage growth.

How much you use will depend entirely on the length of your hair. Use enough to thoroughly coat your hair and gently massage it in or brush it through. If you’re prone to oily hair, avoid applying it to your roots or massaging it into your scalp, as this may exacerbate the oiliness. On the other hand, if you have a dry scalp and suffer from dandruff, coconut oil is an excellent remedy for both.

For hair growth, also apply it sparingly to hair strands between washes, gently massaging it into the strands.

An added benefit is that while your hair is on holiday from the usual afflictions of summer, the tropical smell of coconut oil will leave you feeling as if you’re right there with it on vacation in the tropics!

Dr Anushka Reddy | Longevity Live

Dr. Reddy is a medical doctor and anti-ageing and aesthetic treatment specialist. She owns Medi-Sculpt group of treatment centers, which specializes in non-invasive and non-surgical cosmetic treatments and procedures, and has more than 15 years medical experience, including seven years of non-surgical cosmetic experience.

She’s recognized as a leader in her field in South Africa where she makes international best practices available to her clients, based on her extensive international training.

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