How To Become A Tech-Savvy Parent

There is no doubt we live in a digital world, surrounded by hashtags and gaming and apps. But there is still much debate around whether parents should be stricter when it comes to their children’s exposure to technology. Can you make technology work for you and your family?

Are you ­ fighting a losing battle when trying to restrict your children’s activity on technology? Should you instead be trying to ­find ways for technology, in all shapes and sizes, to bring you and your children closer?

Tech-Savvy Parenting

tech-savvy | Longevity LIVENikki Bush, a creative parenting expert and speaker, along with Arthur Goldstuck, tech writer, founder and managing director of World Wide Worx, recently joined forces to write Tech-Savvy Parenting, to answer all of the tech-related questions of the modern parent.

“The aim of the book was to give parents insight, understanding and perspective of the digital world,” Bush says. “Few books have been written that provide enough context for the guidelines that parents are encouraged to implement around technology, and we wanted to ­fill this gap.”

Bush explains that she and Goldstuck wanted to encourage parents to ­find a “middle ground”, rather than parenting around technology in an extreme way.

With technology being an integral part of all of our lives, it is constantly changing, and this is where the problem normally comes in. A large majority of parents are still technophobes and tend to shy away from understanding how technology and social media work, but Bush and Goldstuck believe parents need to make a concerted effort to keep up with the trends as they emerge, so they are not left in the dark, unable to guide their children.

“We see parents who give their children carte blanche to do what they like with tech, and others who deny their children access completely,” Bush says. ”In our opinion, neither of those parenting strategies is effective if you want to guide your children to becoming responsible digital citizens who are tech-safe and savvy.”

Important Tech Parenting Advice:

The book has been created as a guide to help parents of modern-day, tech-savvy children to become knowledgeable and able to help their children to ­ find a balance in the technological world. When teaching your children how to become tech-savvy and safe, it is important to stress that they need to be responsible for:

tech savvy | Longevity LIVE1. Their minds
Children’s brains are like sponges, and what they see and hear has a huge impact on the people they become. Teaching them to be responsible about the choices they make is key.

2. Their bodies
You need to teach your children about the dangers out there, and let them know how their decisions can mean the difference between their safety and a dangerous situation. Teach them the importance of not sharing personal information or pictures that can be harmful to their reputation.

3. Their reputations
The reputations of your children will be determined by the choices they make, both online and offline. You need to teach them to take responsibility for these choices, because they will have an impact on their futures.

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