Outsmart Any Exercise Delaying Excuse

Having the motivation to exercise can be a slippery slope. With just a hint of the flu, a busier week than usual or cold weather, our brain has found an excuse as to why we can skip out on today’s workout. Unfortunately, this can lead to missing the next workout and the one following that and all of a sudden we find ourselves having to start from scratch and rebuild our fitness.

In Dr. Michael Roizen‘s line of work he has heard just about every excuse one could imagine for someone not being able to exercise.

“The craziest one I ever heard was the story of a man who used to run laps around the block to reach his 10 000 steps a day; he said he didn’t want to run or to walk anymore because his wife, pregnant with their first child, was three months from her due date, and he didn’t want to be too far away from her. What’s that cellphone in your pocket for?”

However, Dr. Roizen believes that with a little discipline these excuses can all be outsmarted and a fall from fitness can be prevented.

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Dr.Roizen has identified walking as one of the easiest ways to move your body and therefore a great way to outsmart excuses:

“Think about it: walking is about the simplest and easiest exercise there is. You don’t need to change clothes. You don’t need to shower afterward. And unless you are a truck driver or in a job where you’re strapped to a seat, you can find ways to get those steps in naturally.

For example, I use a restroom at my work that’s not the closest one to my office. While on the treadmill I catch up with reading or watching my favourite series. I’m busy, too, but I let those numbers accumulate throughout the day. You can do the same. I also have a solution for just about any excuse you want to try on me.”

Dr. Roizen Outsmarts 6 Common Excuses

1. It hurts to even walk

“You don’t have to hit ten thousand the first time out. Just take a starting number and add a few steps every day. You’ll eventually build up to that number.” He adds that walking has been shown to decrease inflammation and delay the need for knee and hip replacements in people with osteoarthritis.

2. The only time I am free is at night, after work, and I am exhausted

“Get in what you can during your work day: park further away, take the stairs, you will find that you have increased energy and more benefits in the long run.”

3. I don’t want to spend money on a pedometer

“While a good pedometer is well worth the money, you can do approximation: a hundred steps equals one minute of walking. Just count your minutes.”

4. I’ve got a cold

“Walking will help you prevent them by boosting your immunity. Those who exercise regularly have 46% fewer colds than those who exercise once a week. Their symptoms are also 41% less severe. And you can walk with almost any cold.”

5. I want to lose weight before going out in public

“Walk in the privacy of your own home: buy a walking video, do circles in the house, yank the laundry off that dusty treadmill. Fit individuals who are overweight are less likely to die then unfit individuals of a normal weight.

6. My knee hurts

“Exercise does not increase your risk for developing arthritis. In fact, a moderately paced walk, and other low impact activities, keep the cushioning cartilage in your knee joints healthier.

Above are a few examples of how to outsmart your exercise delaying excuses, however, you can follow their pattern with your own excuses. A little research online, with reputable websites, and you will be able to kick your own excuses to the curb and maintain your motivation to exercise in the long term.

Dr Mike Roizen
Dr. Roizen

Dr. Michael Roizen known as one of the YOU Doctors, is the US based Chief Wellness Officer for the Cleveland Clinic a world renowned expert on health and wellness and a best selling award-winning author.

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This article was adapted from extracts out of his book This Is Your Do‑Over: The 7 Secrets to Losing Weight, Living Longer, and Getting a Second Chance at the Life You Want.





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