The Ultimate Smart Home Devices Of 2019

Thanks to rapid developments in technology, we are surrounded by internet-operated gadgets, which go a long way in making our lives easier. Take Alexa, for example. This cloud-based service exists across a plethora of digital platforms supported by Amazon. Merely through your voice, you can communicate with Alexa to add work reminders, play songs, contact someone, order food off an app… and that is just the beginning. By designing your house with cloud-enabled, smart home devices, you can build a movie-like futuristic home.

This process is called home automation: you can simplify complex household chores to respond to your voice or a tap on your smartphone. Here are the ultimate smart home devices you need for your smart home:

Smart Doorbell

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The first component of building a home is ensuring home security. You need your doorway to be guarded for your family. With technological innovation, you do not have to be inside the house to ensure security; your doorbell can do it for you. The Zmodo Greet Pro Doorbell and the Zmodo Greet HD are powered by Alexa to ensure that your house is safe, no matter where you are. Speak to Alexa on your smartphone to have a full view of your doorway, get informed about strange activity and to access videos for missed visitors. The best part is, with its two-way audio talk, you can speak to a delivery person even when you are not home to receive a package! Just remember to install custom sign boards about CCTV surveillance, and you are good to go!

Light Control

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If you are a parent, you are probably tired of instructing your children to turn the lights off when they leave the room. Here’s an easier solution than getting them to listen: the Wemo Light Switch. By talking to Alexa or Google Assistant, you can time the device to turn the lights off and on at certain times. On a hot day, you can use your phone to turn on the AC before you reach home. If you forget, you can even turn off the outdoor ceiling lights from your office. Imagine the joy of never having to tell your ever-delaying child to turn off the light—tell Alexa instead and she will do it instantly!

Automated Garage Door

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Right next to forgetting to turn off the lights is the fear of leaving the biggest door in your house—open. If you live in an old house with a manual garage door, you probably have to leave your car each time to shut it after taking it out. But thanks to innovations in garage technology, all you need to is the futuristic Elite Garage Door and the Liftmaster app. With the tap on your smartphone, you can shut your garage door and get instant alerts if the door has been open for too long. You can also consider installing laser lights in your garage for smoother parking!

Smart Temperature Control

Imagine never having to wake up again in the middle of the night to increase or decrease the heating of your house again. With the Alexa powered Nest Thermostat E, you can control the heating of your house from your phone itself. Its smart design means that it can tell when you are away from your house via your phone’s location. You can actually even moderate which rooms need maximum heat through voice control. Plus, you will be informed any time there is a problem with your heating. No matter where you are. It’s remote controlled via your smartphone so you can walk into a toasty, warm house—set exactly at the temperature you want—in the snowing winters!

Intelligent Oven

Even when you think that the internet has all your rooms covered, the one seemingly vacant spot is your kitchen. Not anymore! The June Intelligent Oven is expensive, but once you hear what it does, it will be no wonder that this product sells out within minutes of being in stock. You merely have to place food inside the oven, and using its HD cameras, it determines what the food you are cooking is. Once you confirm the item, it customizes temperature and time using its weight to have it cooked thoroughly. You don’t even have to be around! With an iOS app, you can monitor how the food is coming along and the time it will take. If there is a futuristic living, it is this.

Final Words

The future is now and there is no better way of channeling this than through how you design your home. With cloud-enabled devices, you become a participant in a tech-savvy future of convenience. With these small tasks off your mind, you can spend more time with your family and friends. Ultimately, that is what home is about.

Want to know more?

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