Try 3 Top New Yoga Trends And Win With Virgin Active

We all know the benefits of exercise – they are legendary, after all. Unfortunately, not all of us are ready to hit the weights or spend our Saturday mornings joining a park run. Obstacles such as sports injuries, busy schedules, and chronic disease symptoms have a way of stopping us from giving our all on the treadmill or in your exercise class. However, there are other, calmer and still effective ways to get some exercise in. One sure-fire way to help build strength, improve muscle tone and balance, increase flexibility, and release tension is through yoga.

It is also a great stress reliever and mood uplifter, as well as a great way to keep your body strong and toned. So what can you get from doing yoga?

1. Improved symptoms of depression

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People who struggle with depression may benefit from the introduction of yoga to their daily routine. New studies indicate that this practice can turn a negative mood upside down and improve anxiety symptoms. Therefore, if you struggle with depression, then practising yoga consistently will help you significantly.

2. Increased lung capacity

The act of breathing seems so simple – it’s the first thing we have to do to live, after all. But for many people, their natural breath rhythms have become dysfunctional. And this isn’t doing them any favors. Dr. Ela Manga explains: “Conditioning has meant that people’s breathing patterns are disordered, which has a direct impact on our metabolism, how we communicate, our emotions. It affects every aspect of our lives.”

Poor breathing also has an impact on your quality of sleep, and your ability to concentrate. This is because you’re not getting enough oxygen through to your brain. Yoga can help to increase your lung capacity and improve your breathing. This will also help to increase your lung capacity. In this way, your body will be able to move enough oxygen around to stay healthy.

Moreover, those battling respiratory problems may benefit as the discipline helps to ease the symptoms associated with asthma.

3. Easier to manage your weightjoints | Longevity LIVE

Different yoga poses get your metabolism going. study published in The American Journal of Managed Care indicated that for those who partook in a form of yoga that was focused on stress relief, weight loss was the result.

If you’re looking for a way to torch that muffin top or side saddles, yoga could be the way to do it. Paired with some heart-pumping cardio-workouts, you will be back in your skinniest jeans before you can say ‘downward dog’.

Luckily, Virgin Active offers different types of yoga to suit the needs of everyone.

Different yoga types at Virgin Active

1. Strength is a fast-paced Vinyasa-style class that flows from posture to posture, increasing your fitness, stamina, and flexibility.

2. Align is a slower Iyengar-style class that uses props such as blankets, bolsters, bricks, and belts to give your muscles a much deeper workout.

3. Calm is a restorative Yin-yoga style that blends breathing techniques with longer postures to release tension.

Virgin Active also knows that not all yoga classes are created equal. Now – in addition to the classes that focus on deep-conditioning body-sculpting (Align), strengthening and toning (Strength), and relaxation and restoration (Calm) – Virgin Active introduces its hottest new class: Hot Yoga.

Available at Virgin Active Morningside, this class offers all the perks of yoga – think increased metabolism and the number of calories burnt – practice in a heated studio of between 32 and 38 degrees Celsius. Plus, the ongoing sequences in the Hot Yoga class also provide better flexibility and a great cardio-workout while helping you de-stress.

How to win 12 training sessions with Virgin Active

It’s really simple. Just click on this link to enter our competition and stand a chance to win 12 sessions with a personal trainer. Then all you need to do is provide your details and tell us what goals you would like to reach with the help of a personal trainer. T’s and C’s apply.

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