SA KardioFit’s App Revolutionises Blood Pressure Monitoring   

KardioFit’s world-first connected healthcare technology will revolutionise the way patients monitor and manage high blood pressure.

South African-based KardioFit has developed a smart phone app, which works in conjunction with a highly portable Bluetooth-enabled blood pressure monitor to measure blood pressure, store the medical data and seamlessly connect patients with their medical professionals. The aim is to empower patients to interpret their blood pressure data, manage their symptoms and share this data with their doctors; it also ensures immediate medical responses for the patient in the case of an emergency.

South Africa has the world’s highest rates of hypertension, in the emerging markets, among people aged 50 and above, but its worst control rate. According to the World Health Organisation, less than eight percent of hypertension in South Africa is controlled.

“Although we have excellent physicians and doctors, and access to medication, we haven’t impacted positively in the last 50 years in terms of the incidence of high blood pressure,” says Johannesburg-based cardiologist, and founder of KardioFit, Dr Riaz Motara. “I believe the problem isn’t necessarily in the diagnosis, or in the actual treatment for hypertension, but in the aftercare of patients.”

blood pressure
KardioFit & iHealth Bluetooth enabled blood pressure monitor

“KardioFit is an important development because is connects previously separate domains,  those of mobile healthcare monitoring and healthcare institutions and professionals,” says Dr  Motara, “With KardioFit, we’ve developed an approach that focuses on the patient’s experience, helping individuals manage their healthcare and connecting them with their doctors and caregivers, and linking mobile technology with emergency services when needed.”

This is achieved as: “The app is linked to medical support, and will dispatch an ambulance immediately and automatically in the case of a hypertensive emergency, bridging the gap between information and active healthcare,” adds Dr Motara. The app also includes a panic button.

Dr Riaz Motara
Dr Riaz Motara

While health and fitness applications have existed for some time, KardioFit is unique in its focus:

“The difficulty most patients have with existing mobile healthcare technology is that it provides them with data, but it does not help them interpret that data, or provide them with any guidance about how they should act in response to it,” says Motara. “Should they see a doctor? Should they increase or decrease their medication? KardioFit remotely manages this decision-making for them.”

 A Break Down of KardioFit’s Blood Pressure Monitoring App:

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The KardioFit app not only allows patients to view their daily blood pressure readings and trends, but also automatically saves a history, backed up in the cloud, and mails a comprehensive graph of all their readings taken each month to both them and their doctors or healthcare providers.

The app also helps patients to schedule monitoring and medication times by sending them messages to remind them to check their blood pressure (and even a follow-up phone call if they have not done so within a certain number of days), and it also informs them what they should do in the case of certain results, such as book an appointment with their doctor.

“We believe that when it comes to hypertension, prevention is the cure.” Says KardioFit.

Pricing and Availability


A subscription to Kardiofit for just R216 a month, or less than R7 a day, includes a free cellphone app and comes with a free blood pressure monitor worth R1 600. This works out to be less than the cost of a cup of coffee a day.

It includes monthly reporting, which is  securely stored in the cloud and emailed to you and/or your doctor, plus a free monthly newsletter. It also includes free 24-hour medical transfer to your nearest hospital in a hypertensive emergency, and is linked to ER24’s emergency call centre.

Subscription benefits include priority appointments for accredited hypertension institutes and access and discounts to KardioFit partners and their programmes. Free delivery anywhere in South Africa within 7 business days. Kardiofit is available on Android phones currently , and will be available from  10 October in the Apple Store.