Unplug: A Simple Guide To Meditation For Busy Skeptics

Unplug: A Simple Guide to Meditation for Busy Skeptics and Modern Soul Seekers

By Suze Yalof SchwartzDebra Goldstein

In the working world, taking a few minutes off to relax is about as ludicrous as it sounds. Despite this, many people use meditation as a coping mechanism. Regardless of the stigma associated with it, studies have shown that the secret to being more successful as well as happier and healthier is to do less. By stepping back and making time for yourself, you’ll find yourself accomplishing your tasks much more efficiently. In other words, from time to time you do need to unplug – properly.

Unplug is written by businesswoman Suze Yalof Schwartz, and she is also the founder and CEO of a meditation studio called Unplug Meditation which is located in Los Angeles.

The book is broken down into three sections and each section serves to educate on the benefits of meditation as well as debunking various theories. The process is simplified and absent from the frivolous, and often more than not unproven, information that you’d typically find online.

What makes this a good read?

Multi-tasking is a skill that people have been encouraged to master. However, said skills do little for stress levels. High stress levels can disrupt both your work and personal life. Unplug displays how simple and important it is to meditate in order to maintain order in your life and ensure productivity. Overall, it’s the perfect tool for someone wanting to pick up meditation or anyone looking to get a better understanding of the practice.

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