Why SH-RD Hair Care Is On My Christmas Wishlist

When we think of K- and J-Beauty and everything it’s known for, what usually comes to mind is glass skin, sheet masks, the concepts of essence, snail gel, and ridiculously cute packaging. But we shouldn’t confine beauty trends from the east solely to skincare. When it comes to hair care, their products are just as impressive. One of my favorite ranges from this part of the world is the SH-RD series. Especially when I’m guilty of over-processing or giving my hair or scalp a hard time, this is the best way to fix the damage and get me back to happy hair.

Why do I love it?

1. It makes my hair smell fresh and natural

2. The protein encourages hair growth

3. It takes care of any flakes or dry scalp issues

4. It always turns my hair super shiny and manageable

5. It removes any frizziness or coarseness

Powerhouse ingredients

One of the reasons the SH-RD products work is because they have been formulated with ingredients that make a real difference. These include:

  • Pure silk amino acid
  • Macadamia oil
  • Rosemary
  • Certified avocado oil
  • D-Panthenol

These ingredients form a powerful combination to strengthen and protect the hair. They also replenish lost moisture and shine. On top of that, they make your hair feel silky soft and light as a feather.

RosemarySH-RD | Longevity LIVE

Rosemary is often referred to as the ‘Herb of Remembrance’. Centuries ago, rosemary was a symbol of consistency for its long-lasting odor. As a result, rosemary makes an excellent choice for essential oil. Its scent lingers on the hair, creating a fresh aroma to take with you.

In addition to the scent, rosemary is also very effective at taking care of an itchy scalp. Due to its anti-bacterial properties, it helps to prevent bacterial infections. Rosemary also helps to prevent aging and reduces symptoms of balding or thinning of the hair by boosting blood circulation in the scalp.

Silk amino acid

Amino acid is mainly composed of protein in the skin and hair. It can adjust the pH value and moisture of the skin. This product contains silk protein complex, combines the moisturizing properties of silk amino acids with the film-forming properties of hydrolyzed silk protein. It smooths and seals the cuticle with special conditioning benefits, depositing moisture deeply into the hair shaft. It also takes care of any pesky split ends, which I adore.

Formulated for all hair types

What I love most about the SH-RD products is that I can gift them to anyone in my circle. Regardless of their hair type, everyone will love it. Whether your hair is straight, wavy, curly, kinky, relaxed or natural, it will be happier with the addition of the range to your hair care routine.

The best-known items in this range include the following, all of which work together to provide you with healthier, happier hair.

1. SH-RD Protein Cream

SH-RD | Longevity LIVE

  • Defrizzes
  • Leaves the hair static-free
  • Enhances softness and shine
  • Replenish moisture and strengthens hair
  • Provides UV, Thermal & Color Protection
  • Suitable for ALL hair types

This is your all-rounder leave-in treatment product. It treats split ends, dry or porous hair, and hair that’s been over-processed and damaged. With its formulated Silk Protein Complex, it combines the moisture and protection of silk amino acid and hydrolyzed silk protein. Not only that, it smooths and seals the cuticle while locking in hydration and strengthening the hair. It’s also great for protecting your hair from environmental damage. You get protection from UV rays and chlorine damage, which makes it great for the summer. And if you rub it on your scalp, you can say goodbye to any flakes or itchiness.

If there’s one product you will never catch me traveling without, this is it. It’s such an all-rounder, I save an abundance of space in my vanity.


1. Shampoo and towel dry hair.

2. Dispense a small amount in your palm. Rub your hands together and distribute evenly on hair. Comb blend for complete distribution. Leave on hair, no rinse necessary. Style as usual.

It can be used before & after blow-drying and/or flat ironing.

2. SH-RD Nutra Therapy Shine Serum

This is a unique blend of natural oils and hydrolyzed keratin protein that gives long-lasting vibrant shine to hair. Unlike other serums that are only topical, SH-RD- Nutra Therapy Shine Serum is protecting and repairing of all layers of the hair structure as well as smoothing the hair cuticle.

  • UV, Thermal & Color Protection
  • Intense Shine and Softness
  • Prevent + Repair Split Ends
  • Replenish Moisture
  • De frizz
  • For ALL hair types


1. Apply after styling by lightly rubbing a small amount between palms.

2. Run through hair especially focusing on hair ends (and split ends) and style as usual.

3. Do not rinse off.

3. SH-RD Nutra-Therapy Shampoo

Sulfate Free/ Paraben Free

  • Nutra-Therapy Complex
  • Improves Cell Activation
  • Instant Moisture Supplement
  • Nourishes & Repair Damaged Hair
  • For ALL hair types
  • Free from sulfates and parabens

SH-RD Nutra-Therapy Shampoo uses a mild cleansing agent derived from glucose, amino acid, and coconut fatty acid to replenish the lipid surface of the hair and imparts a pleasant, moisturizing feeling.

SH-RD | Longevity LIVE

A special 5 Alfa-Avocuta is a patented active ingredient derived from avocado. It combats the excessive sebum secretion of greasy skin and hair. It can be used daily for color protection, hydration, and repair.


Wet hair, lather and rinse thoroughly.

4. SH-RD Nutra-Therapy Conditioner

  • Nutra-Therapy Complex
  • Moisture Supplement & Restoration
  • UV & Heat Protection
  • Chlorine Damage Protection
  • For ALL hair types

SH-RD Nutra-Therapy Conditioner contains Vitamins, Rosemary and Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein to provide nutrients to damaged shafts and improve cell activation to restore lifeless hair to health. It is an instant moisture supplement. It also deeply penetrates the hair shaft making it soft, easy to manage and silky to the touch. SH-RD Nutra-Therapy Conditioner can replenish lost moisture back into the hair without weighing it down. It can be used daily for color protection, hydration, and repair.


1. Apply evenly after shampooing hair.

2. Leave in hair for 3 minutes and rinse off.

Where to locate it

Click on this link to order it from their website or Amazon’s page.

If you’re based in South Africa, you can contact Synergy Hair Care SA, who officially distribute SH-RD products in South Africa. Prices are available on the sites and upon request.

Happy Holidays everyone! We wish you all the best hair days this festive season, as well as the healthiest hair and scalp conditions of your life.