Beans Everyday Could Help You Live Healthier Longer

Beans every day in your diet are extremely valuable to your health. You might want to include them in your diets. Why? Because groups of people who have lived the longest worldwide all seem to consume at least 1 cup of beans every day. Beans can help build a healthy heart and provide you with a long life. In fact, research shows that legumes might be the key to longevity.

Research shows that Japan, Sweden, Greece, and Australia all have a longer lifespan than anywhere else. Why? We don’t know the exact answer, but we know that it’s got a lot to do with the fact that they consume legumes. Think about it. They all eat beans every day. The Japanese eat soy beans and the Swedish eat brown beans and peas. Whilst Mediterranean people eat lentils, chickpeas, and white beans. Therefore, it makes sense as to why we’d associate eating legumes with a longevity lifespan.

The fact that this is the common food group among these populations means a lot. I mean, beans are powerful! We’re talking about an 8% reduction in the risk of death for every 20-gram increase in daily legume consumption. That’s only two tablespoons. A can of beans is 250 grams. Does that mean if we get 8% lower mortality for every 20 grams, then if we eat a can a day can we live forever?

Beans Everyday Might Help You Live Longer

beans everyday help you live longer [longevity live]

The expert on finding longevity himself and Blue Zones founder Dan Buettner says that if you were to ask him if there’s a supplement you should take to live longer. He would say yes – it’s 120 beans every day. According to MindBodyGreen, Buettner has discovered five places around the globe, which he has famously called the “Blue Zones.’ He explains that these countries are where people live the longest and the healthiest lives in the world. More importantly, they all eat some kind of beans everyday.

Whilst closely studying these Blue Zones extensively, he noticed there were some common patterns between these well-aged populations. All of which you can find out more about in his longevity tips on the MindBodyGreen podcast. However, out of all of them, the one ingredient you should add to your diet is eating beans everyday. Now that’s not to say that eating beans every day will book your spot on longevity, but it will certainly set you on the right path. What Buettner did identify that could resemble significant change is your environment. He explains that in his Blue Zones research… He found that the healthiest, longest-lived people in the world created healthy behaviors because of their environments and the people around them.

Why Are The Blue Zones Healthier?

If we’ve discovered one thing it’s that all of these groups of people eat a simple diet. Adding more beans into your diet is easy. Apparently eating a cup of beans every day can add four more years to your life expectancy. That’s a lot of time.

There’s no particular bean that’s better than the other. Most legumes like pinto, black or kidney are all wonderful options. Apparently these ‘Blue Zones’ all eat at least one cup of beans every day. As I mentioned, beans won’t cure all your ailments, but they will help you eat a more simple and whole foods diet. Buettner explains that most of the foods that promote longevity are simple, peasant foods.

Therefore, your frequent stops at supermarkets and fast-food chains might be doing you an injustice. Pastries, processed foods, and sugary white carbohydrates are all a no go. To live longer you need to cook recipes made only from the simple, whole ingredients that we most likely term ‘superfoods’ in most stores. This is just marketing hype because most of these ingredients are simple and essential staples to keep us healthy.

Why Should We Eat Beans Every Day?

When it comes to living life healthily we need to find ways to create balance throughout. This might be tricky but it can be done when you live more mindfully.

beans everyday at each meall [longevity live]This means you mustn’t stress about eating beans every day if it doesn’t work for you. You don’t have to eat legumes every time you eat a meal.  We need to maintain a steady balance. Buettner explains that we eat about 1,000 meals a year. So if you can make nine out of 10 of those meals include simple foods like beans, greens, grains, and nuts. Then you’re going to live a lot longer than most.

As you can tell, all the foods I’ve mentioned are simple. Just remember the 80/20 rule. You can have days when you want to let loose and celebrate a little. Sneak in a treat or two but stay mindful. You can eat your pasta or your cake and enjoy it forever, just stay mindful.

You choose which kind of beans you want to eat and then keep adding them to your meals. Now with the new year, it’s also the perfect time to start eating healthy again.  Maybe try cooking a bowl of vegan, two-bean chili. They are comforting, flavorful, and it might help you live longer.

beans everyday at every meal [longevity live]What more could you possibly want in a functional meal?

The Bottom Line

The problem is that our minds always want new things and our attention can only last so long. This is why most diets fail. Whether you eat beans every day. Buettner explains that discipline is muscle and muscle fatigue, so people usually revert to their old behaviors. Therefore, when it comes to major health problems in large populations it doesn’t really work to focus on self-care and self-improvement techniques. These may help and it’s good to try to be healthier and live better, however, this shouldn’t be the only emphasis.

To significantly affect change, you need to optimize your environment. Countries need to take this into account so that people can start eating better, moving better, socializing better, and living better. This is why most diets fail. Perhaps it is best to start making changes to your food environment first. Eat beans every day but more importantly, monitor your lifestyle.

Vegan diets might be causing ‘hidden hunger’ among wealthy communities. This is why you should do your research first before going vegan.


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Beans Everyday Could Help You Live Healthier Longer