Building New Muscle Mass Is Best Done At Breakfast

Building new muscle mass is not something that is going to happen overnight, especially if you’re skipping the most important meal of the day. Breakfast is my favorite time to eat and if it were up to me to choose, I’d pick it over lunch and even dinner. However, if you want to grow your muscles, then it’s especially important. Your body needs the energy to build more muscle, so you cannot be skimping on those calories.

Eating a wholesome breakfast is the key to increasing muscle mass, getting stronger and improving your overall fitness. No more cereal out of a box or coffee-on-the-run habits. Somehow it gets really tempting to simply give breakfast a skip in the morning. Things get busy and preparing a meal in the mornings can seem like a mission. But if building new muscles is your goal, then missing five minutes extra sleep to eat might be worth it.

The point is that before you do anything, you must fuel your body for it correctly first.

Building New Muscle Mass

It might be your number one priority to build more muscles, but don’t forget about the amazing brain boosting benefits of eating breakfast too. In addition, you will notice that in all your daily activities whether or not they’re physical, your energy levels will drop and your execution will suffer. This is because you are not feeding your body properly so that it can thrive.

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What if you’re an early riser? If you are, good, because so am I. However, it’s easy to skip breakfast at this time because when you wake up you’re not usually very hungry. If your goal is to achieve more muscle mass, get stronger and boost your fitness, then skimping on the fuel won’t make those things happen. To be honest, your body does what it’s told and will only change if it gets the best out of your morning routine.

Fuel Your Tank Soonest

Literally. As soon as you rise, you need to start nurturing your body so that it can perform optimally throughout your day.

I bet you’ve shied away from carbs before, right? If so, stop doing that because your body actually prefers to use carbs as it’s the main source of energy. Therefore, if you plan on doing a medium-intensity workout early in the morning, it’s crucial that you eat something before completing it. It’s doesn’t have to be complicated either. A carbohydrate could consist of only a piece of dried or fresh fruit to give you energy.

Building new muscle means using natural, simple carbohydrates to help give you boost your energy without making you feel overly full. This is especially important for those who can’t deal with eating food first thing in the morning. BBC Good Food suggests trying a fruit-packed smoothie that’s high in natural sugars but easier to digest and easy to drink on your way to the gym.

The best fruits to use are mangos or bananas. This is because mangos are high in quick-releasing, natural sugar. And bananas are high in potassium. This is a mineral that experts believe to help prevent muscle cramping.

Keep A Breakfast Balance

The worst thing you can do in the mornings is to get sloppy. Don’t get lazy with your meals. Rather prioritise breakfast and be sure to make yourself something nutritious and tasty. Notice not only how good your body feels, but also how much easier your day feels.

According to research, there is about a 30 minute window period after exercising to refuel your body. This allows you to fully recover optimally. This means you need to consume a hearty and balanced breakfast during that time. Be sure to include a healthy source of protein and a carbohydrate. The protein will help repair and build muscles, and the carbohydrates will replenish your fuel stores. This will give you a steady supply of energy throughout the day.

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Depending on whether or not you enjoy eating in the morning, eat your breakfast a few hours before your workout or a few hours after. If you eat afterward, then always have a fruit snack before your workout. It’s important to substitute any simple carbohydrates, like white bread or muffins, with complex carbohydrates such as whole grains, as these will leave you feeling fuller for longer.

Give these delicious veggie bakes a try, or these asparagus soldiers and boiled eggs. 

Amino Acids Are Vital

Experts explain that amino acids are the building blocks for the muscles in your body. One, in particular, called glutamine. They form the proteins that muscles require for repair. Glutamine is naturally produced by your body, however, it will help to supplement it in your body because you will speed up your muscle repair system and building new muscle mass.

In addition, the high heat levels when cooking can destroy the glutamine found in foods. Therefore, even though you’re eating healthy sources of protein like beef, chicken, fish, and eggs. In order for you to maximize potential benefits, try eating dairy products like natural yogurt.

Build A Cereal Bowl

Okay, we get it. Not all of us have time for fancy breakfasts every morning. If that’s you and you’re stuck eating boring bowls of all bran flakes. Then try adding a few easy ingredients to make them optimal for building new muscle mass.

Moreover, stay away from the sugary cereals and stick to natural, whole-grain options instead.


study in New Zealand discovered that adding some blueberries to your diet might help muscles to recover faster after exercise.

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Natural Yogurt

Keep away from the sweetened version and stick to the natural, plain yogurts if possible.

Natural yogurt is a great source of protein. In your next bowl of cereal, add a tablespoon or two on top to get the benefits. The probiotics in the yogurt will also help your digestion.


Flaxseeds are high in protein and also high in omega-3 fatty acids. Health experts believe that flax seeds will aid protein metabolism, which might also help increase muscle mass with training.


Who doesn’t enjoy nuts? They’re totally delicious and just a small helping of nuts will help boost your intake of omega-3 and magnesium. This is a mineral you need to keep muscle tissue healthy throughout the body.

Even if you struggle to eat first thing in the morning, start by making small adjustments to your routine. It might mean having a snack before your workout and then eating more afterward. But, do not dash t the office without fuelling up properly. Especially if you want to build new muscle mass.

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