Chocolate Cookies Are Super Addictive. Here’s Why.

Chocolate cookies are a treat that most of us can’t resist and they take me straight back to my childhood. There was nothing better than the smell of fresh, chocolatey cookies baking in granny’s oven. In fact, I’d end up eating the raw cookie dough before we had even baked them. Somehow, there’s always space for these yummy delights.

I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but there’s something nostalgic and scrumptious about tucking into a freshly baked chocolate cookie. I can pass on the other desserts, but if you’re like me, a few bites of a cookie is never satisfying enough!

There are people out there who are grown adults – well into their 40’s and above, some of whom can never stop eating chocolate cookies. But why is it that it’s so difficult to cap it at just one? What exactly makes chocolate chip cookies so universally craved in the first place?
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Chocolate Cookies Are Nostalgic

Perhaps this doesn’t apply to everyone, but I think there’s definitely an emotional attachment to chocolate cookies. Most of us all have some memories of our grandparents, mothers, friends houses and family get-togethers where we indulged in these tasty treats.
For many it was a special time for us to bond with our family and friends and usually involved us learning how to make our very first cookie dough, Therefore, despite them being scrumptious, there’s a massive emotional attachment and memory with the chocolate chip cookie. And even though the world is switching to fitness and health, there will always be that innate connection.
As a result, these emotions can be triggered whilst eating the cookies. Personally, I feel that this also has something to do with binge eating and why people eat more a certain thing based on their feelings. For example, you might be celebrating something, so you’ll have 3 cookies, but, if you’re feeling really down you’d rather opt for the whole lot.
That’s because when you’ve got the chocolate cookie in your mouth, for a few moments, there is pure happiness! Then, suddenly, that happiness disappears when the cookie travels down your throat. This prompts you to grab for another. I think this can be a good and a bad thing. There’s nothing wrong with treating oneself and sharing the pure joy with others at times. However, there has to be a limit.
The point is that chocolate chip cookies always seem to make people happier in general.

It’s What’s Inside The Cookies

I think we can all agree that there is definitely an emotional connection to cookies for most of us. However, there may be a bit of science to back up their irresistible qualities. According to research ingredients in chocolate chip cookies may have addictive properties.
For example, sugar has been proven to induce rewards and cravings in humans. Many of these cravings are very similar to the ones caused by addictive drugs, like cocaine. A traditional chocolate chip cookie recipe generally consists of a ¾ cup of granulated sugar and ¾ cup of brown sugar. This means that just one cookie consists of 10 grams, or 2.5 teaspoons, of sugar.chocolate cookies [longevity live]
Then the other key ingredient is, of course, chocolate. This contains small amounts of a compound called anandamide. Interestingly, anandamide is also a brain chemical that targets the same cell receptors as THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). This is the active ingredient in marijuana that is responsible for its mood-altering effects.
By no means does chocolate create the same high as marijuana. However, there is most likely a chemical basis for the satisfaction we get after consuming chocolate. Experts believe that the high-fat, sugar-rich contents of chocolate cookies can raise levels of anandamide in your brain despite the other ingredients in the cookie. This is because it’s our body’s natural response to eating such a tasty item.
Therefore, both the fat and the sugar combine to induce our addiction as much as does the anandamide. So, it really is quite the indulgent experience!

The Texture And Flavor Are Culprits

Science and facts might be explanation enough. But, you cannot deny the irresistible texture of cookie dough itself. The ingredients are combined perfectly and tickle your senses in every way possible.

Not only the smooth and morish texture but the smell too. Chocolate cookies have a very inviting scent and consist of the ideal balance of salty and sweet. chocolate cookies [longevity live]Interestingly, baking professionals admit to creating and experimenting with cookie dough textures specifically designed to get people addicted to them based on the mouthfeel. Nobody thinks twice about the salt content in a cookie either, but believe it or not it’s quite high. Without the salt, the cookie tastes a lot duller.

All the secrets include using butter, brown sugar and lots of vanilla extract and sweeteners. These ingredients combined create the smooth texture that many people cannot resist. The best way to test whether or not a cookie has an ‘addictive’ quality is to look at how people behave when eating them.

Beware of bakeries and people who enjoy baking these kinds of things because you’re more than likely a test lab rat. They want to see if their recipe is a success or not based on how many you end up eating in one sitting. The recipe should be so irresistible that it seems impossible not to grab another.

So, there you have it! Chocolate cookies are designed to get you hooked.

Instantaneous Pure Happiness

Whatever the cause, I think we’ve established that chocolate cookies are really addictive! However, it’s not all bad. There are plenty of healthy alternative recipes that are sugar-free or gluten-free. More importantly,  there is a place for chocolate cookies in a balanced diet.
All you need to do is be mindful about your portions and not eat the entire tray at once.
The purpose of this article has not been to tell you about your cookie addiction. Its goal is to teach you to stop thinking about food as good or bad. That’s because it’s all good for you. What actually matters more is the amount you eat.
chocolate cookies [longevity live]
So, if you’re craving a child-hood chocolate cookie filled with happiness, then have it! Your overall diet is not ruined. Just bear in mind the addictive nature of cookies and remember to cap it according to your energy needs.

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