Clean Eating And Whether Or Not It Beats Exercise

Clean eating is a massive topic worldwide nowadays and ranks pretty close to fitness. But when it comes to weight loss, there is such a large emphasis on intense exercise. Sometimes people get caught up in this hype. They end up hurting themselves in an attempt just to lose some weight. Honestly, the only thing that truly gets sustainablele results is cleaning up your diets.

This really should make sense to you! Everything that you eat is directly linked to the way in which your body does or doesn’t hold onto unwanted pounds. That’s why you’re seeing all of these diets like ketoWhole30. and even veganism come into the spotlight. These clean eating diets are all created in an attempt to create a calorie deficit so that you can lose some weight. Of course, they have some pretty good health benefits too.

And yes…that is exactly why you keep hearing the phrase, ‘you can’t out-exercise a bad diet.’ I think I’ve heard this saying so many times. If I hear it one more time I might slap the person saying it. Now that we have this engraved in our heads, we’re all concentrating on clean eating rather than fitness.

Clean Eating To Keep The Pounds Off

Sometimes losing weight or changing your body can make you feel a little torn. Torn between too many options and what you should or shouldn’t do. It’s so confusing. I’ll admit that too, but there are some techniques you can be sure of to stick with.

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The question is whether or not these diets or clean eating styles are the best way to lose weight and keep it off. There has been some recent research that states that they may not be.

The University of Colorado Anschutz Health and Wellness Center has launched a brand new study on this. They discovered that exercise is more effective than diets for people trying to maintain their weight loss. In fact, the study shows that those with successful weight-loss rely on physical activity to maintain their results. This is because fitness helps you remain in an energy balance (rather than chronic restriction of dietary intake) to avoid regaining the weight.

Eat Clean Then Exercise Consistently

Therefore, it is a process. I think your best bet is to clean up your diet first to lose some weight and then get into exercise more consistently to maintain and improve your weight loss results.

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Moreover, this study shows that successful weight-loss maintainers (defined in the study as individuals who maintain a reduced body weight of 30 pounds or more for over a year) ate a similar amount of calories per day. The number of calories consumed matched those who were overweight individuals. Interestingly, they never regained any of the weight because they continuously add in high levels of physical activity.

Keep The Weight Off

Therefore, this is the answer to everybody’s main question regarding weight loss. ‘But, how do i manage to keep the weight off?’

This study hits the nail on the head. It was actually quite a difficult question to answer in the past. Doctors who conducted the study says that those who lost the weight could keep it off  by engaging in high levels of physical activity to prevent weight regain. They did this instead of chronically restricting their energy intake, which has been known to create very unhealthy relationships with food.

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This is a massive step forward to clarifying the relationship between exercise and weight-loss maintenance.

Having said that, these result are not a go ahead to eat everything in sight without thinking twice. But, it is another reason to move your bodies more and worry less about calories. That’s why you should make exercise an important element of your life as it will help you achieve weight-related goals. Besides, and the mental and physical benefits of exercising are enough reason for you to exercise more.

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