Coffee Is A Natural Antioxidant

You’re familiar with the term antioxidant, but do really understand what they are and why antioxidants are so important to your good health and well being? Here are some easy ways to optimise your antioxidant intake and drinking coffee is one of them.

Antioxidants are naturally occurring compounds found in foods, and our bodies can also manufacture a few. They help to balance the detrimental effects of environmental factors such as pollution, tobacco smoke, X-rays and U V rays.

Phytonutrients give fruit and vegetables their respective colours. Many phytonutrients act as powerful antioxidants and can potentially help prevent diseases such as cancer and heart disease by neutralising free radicals.

Consuming a balanced and varied diet will supply nutrients, including antioxidants, which will contribute to a healthy lifestyle.


Consume coffee in moderation

  • Eat fruit with the skin on (where possible). Many antioxidants are located in or just underneath the skin. Just wash thoroughly under running water before eating.
  • Choose wholegrain cereal products. Most of the antioxidants are found in the surface layers of the cereal grain.

Whole Grain Cereal

  • Consume coffee, green tea, cocoa, chocolate and red wine in moderation.

There are no official recommendations for the optimal intake of antioxidants in general. Interestingly, a number of scientific studies done in different countries around the world show that coffee contributes most of the total dietary antioxidant intake. This is most probably due to the popular global coffee drinking culture.


So, now you have another reason to enjoy a cup of coffee every day. While you experience its aroma and flavour, you also get all the healthy antioxidants. Please remember to limit your coffee intake to not more than three cups a day.