Foods To Eat For Painful Muscle Cramps And Spasms

Foods to eat for muscle cramps – well, there are actually quite a few other than bananas. Those work well, but you’re not limited to them, so you can mix things up. If you’re somebody who exercises a lot or you just struggle with regular muscle cramps. Then your body is probably lacking in specific nutrients to replenish your muscles

Take it from someone who engages in a lot of activity, most of the time we experience cramps because we are not eating properly. We need to make sure that we are incorporating healthy foods into our diets. By doing this, you will stop muscle cramps and spasms. And if they still don’t vanish, they will be less frequent.

Foods To Nurture Your Body

According to research, the best mineral to consume for this issue is potassium.  This is because potassium is an essential mineral that helps communication between muscles and nerves. The first food we think of when we hear potassium is a banana. However, they’re not the only source and aren’t the highest in potassium either. Studies state that although they’re delicious, they only contain nine percent of your daily recommended intake. That’s why you shouldn’t rely on eating them alone and must look to some of the other foods listed below.

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Indulge In Sweet Potatoes

These have got to be one of my favorite vegetables of all. They are really versatile and taste good no matter what mood you’re in,

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Experts state that just on medium cooked sweet potato contains approximately 542 mg (12 percent of your Recommended Daily Value) of potassium. In addition, sweet potatoes are also extremely high in vitamin A which is incredibly beneficial to your general health.

You can experiment with bakingroasting, or mashing them.

Keep Hydrated

Water is the greatest resource we have here on planet Earth. This simple element is what keeps us alive and does more for your body than you’d think.

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Often, when our body decides to head into a painful cramp, it’s because we are horribly dehydrated. This is why you need to make a conscious decision to keep yourself 100% hydrated to prevent those nasty cramps from happening. Fair enough, drinking water isn’t the most exciting action. However, there are ways you can try to enhance its flavor by infusing it with fruit. Doing this just makes drinking more water a lot easier.

Who Loves Melon?

If you didn’t, you should start today! It’s one of the best fruits to help prevent muscle cramps.

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Reportedly, eating only two slices of watermelon will provide you with a whopping 640 mg (14 percent of your Recommended Daily Value) of potassium. If you’re not a massive fan of eating this fruit on its own, then I’d suggest experimenting with new ways like blending it into a smoothie, grilling it, juicing it or adding it to your yogurt.

Pickle Juice

I won’t lie, this one was a surprise for me too. Although the reason pickle juice helps with muscle cramps is unknown, it really does seem to help.

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Some people believe that it has something to do with the vinegar it contains. However, research suggests that it can reduce the amount of time a cramp lasts. There isn’t any concrete evidence that pickle juice works, so take this advice with a pinch of salt but there is no harm in trying!

Eat Your Beans

I love beans so this one is easy for me to do! They’re also fantastic sources of protein which speeds up the muscle recovery process too.

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Apparently, because there are so many different kinds of beans each kind contains different levels of potassium. However, generally, beans are an excellent source of potassium. One cup of kidney beans contains 717 mg (15 percent of your Daily Value) of potassium, while a cup of black beans contains a whopping 801 mg (17 percent of your Daily Value).

That’s the highest amount yet! There are also tons of recipes available and many things you can do with beans. I love making myself a mixed bean salad in the summer, a Mexican bean chilli in winter and bean burgers when I am really hungry!