4 Foods To Create Collagen-Rich Skin

Nourished skin not only feels great, it looks radiant – and collagen plays a massive role in this. Adding an extra boost of nutrients to our diet can go a long way towards preventing the negative effects of pollution and stress on our complexion.

Collagen is an important protein that creates the internal structure of our skin and these are the foods that can help strengthen it:

4 Ways To Create Collagen-Rich Skin

1. Vitamin C

Youthful skin | Longevity LiveVitamin C is essential for health. According to Maryland Medical Center, USA – we need vitamin C to make collagen for the growth and repair of tissues in all parts of your body.

The most bioavailable sources of Vitamin C are camu camu, papaya, red peppers, berries, broccoli and kiwifruit.

2. Omega-3’s

Omega 3 is essential for healthy cell membranes in the skin. Omega-3 fatty acids are powerful antioxidants and are a crucial part of your skin’s lipid (fat) content, which improves the barrier function, sealing in the moisture in and keeping out irritants. The best sources of omega-3 are dark fish, hemp seeds, avocado’s and chia seeds.

3. Lutein

collagen | Longevity LiveLutein is an anti-aging carotenoid that prevents damage to collagen and elastin, due to its antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, photo-protective and anti-carcinogenic properties.

Lutein is found in all dark leafy green vegetables.

4. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is commonly found growing wild and in gardens of SA, aloe is one of the most renowned skin foods. The flesh of the leaf can be washed and used in juices and smoothies. Research shows that supplementing with aloe gel significantly increases collagen production for improve and elasticity and reduced wrinkles.

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