How Do You Choose A Sports Watch? The Useful Tips!

Sports watches are booming and there are so many products, brands, prices and features that we can find on the market. Therefore, it is very interesting to use very clearly the use we will give to our sports watches, to optimize our purchases and get products that are truly profitable, in terms of quality and also in use.

We have decided to save your time with these tips, so that when you go to your favorite store or you search the internet, choose the product that best matches your athlete’s profile.


The price range of sports watches is very broad, obviously the cheaper ones offer less functionality but that doesn’t mean they are worse. Okay, you buy the most expensive watch but are you really going to use all of its features? This may or may not, it depends on the level and type of your training, so evaluating those characteristics well so as not to buy “more”.

The function you want

What do you want from sports hours? This is one of the first questions that you have to ask yourself. Some models are quite common in terms of types of sports, but more and more manufacturers specialize in their products so that they are optimal for running, cycling, swimming, etc.


GPS anger makes us see this feature important, but stop thinking a bit. Will you really need it? Maybe, if you go out for a good time and walk on a normal circuit, maybe you don’t really need it. GPS is one feature that can increase the cost of your sports watch, but yes, it will be very useful to choose the detailed metrics offered about your training and improve your performance. That is, if you are serious and you like competition, yes, it’s better with GPS.

Cardiac frequency

Your watch can carry a heart rate meter, useful if you care about your health and want to know how far you want to go and when you have to stop. Needed? Yes no It depends on what you think, but we recommend it.


There is a model that allows us to load maps and track points for areas far from cities etc., but we ask how in the case of GPS, would you use it? If you only run or cycle through green areas in your neighborhood or frequently answered sites, the answer is NO. Conversely, if you are an adventurous athlete who likes to find new places, this specification will be very necessary.


When talking about “multisport” sports watches, because you need them, for example, for triathlon, it’s important to be able to switch from one sport to another without having to stop or stop the routine. Look carefully before buying!

Battery duration

It is very important if you do not want to be left without a routine saved before completing it. Always pay attention to the age of the battery, take out a little and think about whether it’s enough for you or you need something with more performance.


With WiFi everything is better. If your sports watch carries it, you can connect it to share your progress, your map, etc.


Obviously, if what you are going to practice is water sports, you will need a sports watch that is very resistant to the environment. Look carefully at this feature, because even though most tend to carry the typical “waterproof” label, they don’t, so be sure to choose special products.


Material is one of the characteristics that will also affect the price of your sports hours. But besides price, we must look at ergonomics and quality. Make sure the rope is safe and comfortable for you, that you will not give any allergic problems, etc. and, for the cover, if it’s a sapphire crystal, it’s better. This will avoid a lot of scratches and even unnecessary breaks. If you do outdoor activities, it’s also better if your crystals are anti-reflective. Look carefully at your appearance and make sure you can read the numbers and letters properly.


If your watch doesn’t carry a GPS, or doesn’t work, this gadget uses atmospheric pressure measurements to calculate altitude. With that and a map you can calculate your location if you get lost. This is useful if you practice mountain sports.


If you are looking for your best brand and you want everything to be in control, it will be very useful, but if you are one of them coming out to play sports for fun, without any other purpose, you will not really need it. If you want to combine this function with luxury, Breitling watches are recommended.

In short, a sports watch will help you control your speed, speed, and endurance, and will protect your health, but don’t forget that the best sports watch is the one that best fits your exercise and your needs and of course, according to your budget .

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