Drinks that prevent weight loss

fizzy drinks


South Africa is still considered to be one of the heaviest nations in the world. Our rates of obesity are shockingly high. And while many South Africans are seeing the benefits of healthy eating and exercise, fat may be lurking where you least expect it… your drink choices. One study out of the US has found that Americans drink around 356 calories a day! Here is some advice from qualityhealth.com on these hidden fats that could be preventing weight loss…

Fizzy drinks – Research has shown that fizzy drink consumption is directly linked to weight gain. In addition to offering large quantities of calories, these drinks contain high concentrations of sugar and starch, and often contribute to overeating. Walking off one can of your favourite beverage will take 27 minutes.

Beer – The average “light” beer has more than 100 calories and 6 grams of carbohydrates per can. These stats alone may not be alarming, but if you enjoy one beer a night for a week, you should also be walking them off cumulatively – seven beers equates to three hours and 20 minutes walking.

Energy drinks – Energy drinks, such as Red Bull, shows 27 grams of sugar are contained in one can. High levels of sugar can have an adverse effect on your metabolism. If you are feeling like you need an energy boost mid-morning, you may simply be dehydrated. Reach for a glass of water with lemon slices instead.

Orange juice – Yes, you are reading this correctly. Juices are jam packed full of calories whether you are drinking apple juice, orange juice or grape juice; they all contain a sugar and unnecessary calories. If you really just want some vitamin C, take a supplement or eat an actual orange.

Written by: Siyanda Nkala