Victoria Beckham Works Out! And She Does It Often Too

Victoria Beckham is famous for her Spice Girl days. She’s also famous for her amazing fashion design skills, and for her marriage to the legendary soccer player, David Beckham. Whilst being quite a busy businesswoman, she has also got us all envious about her super-fit, lithe body. In fact, we know she works hard to maintain her physique because she admits to having quite a disciplined routine.

To be honest, I don’t think anybody could keep looking that good without sticking to a consistent fitness and eating plan. We were curious though and want to know the in’s and out’s to her healthy and busy lifestyle. How does she manage to work hard, spend time with her children and still keep the body of a 21-year-old?

Workout together

Luckily, she has shared with us the details of her diet and fitness routine and reveals what makes her happiest. Looking that good doesn’t come easy, and according to Posh herself, she chooses to spend two hours every morning working out. Sounds really intense, but she says it is something she has to do to sustain her busy lifestyle.

Victoria Beckham Works Her Bod

After finding out about her routine, we have come to realize that it’s not for the faint-hearted at all. You don’t necessarily need to train for two hours every day to achieve great results. You just need to be consistent. More importantly, you need to pick an activity that keeps you moving, but makes you happy at the same time.

However, Becks says she chooses two hours every day not because she has to, but because it makes her feel good. Remember, what’s healthy for me or her is not always going to be the same as what’s healthy for you!

People magazine states that Victoria Beckham starts her day between 5.30am and 6 am with a 7km run on the treadmill. She says that she doesn’t run at the same pace the entire time. Instead, she mixes it up between uphill fast walking, jogging, and running. Interestingly, she says this is also about the only time she actually watches TV, box sets, or documentaries. Moreover, Becks explains that she really looks forward to this time because it takes up to 45 minutes, which more TV time.

She’s Not Done Yet

Okay, I’ll admit it. Many of us would probably be completely finished after running on a treadmill for this long and would most likely conclude our workout right there and then. Nope, not with Victoria Beckham. She is a little warrior and still has a circuit of exercises planned next.

I suppose that’s why she has such impressive results. Really inspirational and a great form of motivation for us all.

She says that she follows her treadmill run with a targeted class coached by her personal trainer. This class includes 30 minutes of legs, 30 minutes of arms, toning and conditioning. Then it transitions to loads of planks and other body-weight exercises to strengthen and build her core.

Victoria Beckham [longevity live]

She admits that she always follows the routine all week long and doesn’t take any breaks on the weekend. But she does sometimes choose to take time out to take her children Romeo, Cruz and Harper to school on weekdays.

Okay, so Victoria Beckham pushes herself and exercises at a seriously intense level. Perhaps it’s a little bit much for the average person who simply wishes to improve their overall fitness. However, the celeb insists that the routine is a really positive thing for her and forms part of who she is now. Best of all she thoroughly enjoys it. I believe that this is the key to success with any kind of lifestyle routine. It should make you look good, but more importantly, it must create a happier, healthier you.

What About Beckham’s Diet?

Victoria often shares the details of her healthy lifestyle with the public. And she recently revealed that she is currently considering going vegan after taking her family out for a plant-based meal. The celeb is 44 years old and says she never indulges even after her two-hour workouts. This is really important to getting the fitness goals you want. Too often we think that it is okay to eat whatever our heart desires simply because we hit the gym hard.

Unfortunately, you rarely burn as many calories as you think you do in a workout. And you don’t want to defeat the purpose of exercising by stuffing yourself either. Moreover, she chooses to drink apple cider vinegar each morning.

Victoria Beckham [longevity live]She does this before breakfast. This usually consists of green smoothies, homemade cereals, or scrambled eggs with smoked salmon.

I think Victoria Beckham is so successful with her fitness and health routine because it empowers her. Her routine makes her feel strong and capable. More importantly, Beckham says it isn’t purely about the way she looks either. Instead, it’s about the mental health boost that the exercise gives her too. She explains that it all depends on how the workout makes you feel.

Lastly, the exercise you do should jump-start your day and get you ready to tackle it. Victoria says exercising clears her mind and is also where she gets lots of new ideas. Your workout should be your time to reset rather than being glued to your phone.

She says it’s her time only when she’s not with the children, she’s not with David. She can literally just be left alone. I think that in itself is good enough reason to get your butts into shape.

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