Well Up Challenge reaches 3 month mark

Longevity Well Up Challenge

Our Well Up challenge, sponsored by Nestle South Africa, has now reached its three month mark which means our 13 participants have 6 months to go to a happier and healthier lifestyle. Ourpanel of experts have been working hard when it comes to building up our participants’ self-esteem as well as giving them the tools they need to lead a happy, healthy and well balanced life.

On 10 May we met up as a group to do the three-month weigh in and tests to see how our participants are tracking in the challenge so far. We were blown away by the ground they have covered when it comes to their vital health statistics, weight and waist circumference. We also noticed that the group as a whole was motivated and passionate about working hard at their next set of goals, which is what we had hoped for.

Reaching the 3 month mark is a huge achievement but this is also where some people tend to come undone when it comes to a program like this. Our participants’ brains were wired a certain way and when the Well Up challenge changed that outlook, it took a lot of effort to set this healthier lifestyle to “default mode” in the pathways of their brains. Because old patterns tend to spring up after about eight weeks, we at Longevity, along with the expert panel, will be working hard to help keep the dedication at the incredible level it has been at since day one.

The three-month plateau is a point where and centimetre loss slows down and enthusiasm takes a dip. Because the overall hype might have died down by now as well as old habits, such as over-eating, start to kick in, we as a team will be working hard to keep the spirits high and the drive going throughout the challenge.

Our May/June issue is on sale now – read all about our 13 participants and how they are feeling so far. Our July issue will reveal their most recent weigh in results.

Meet our participants here. (link)

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